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Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Lulu (Final Fantasy X)

Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Lulu (Final Fantasy X)

Written by Lauren — 27 Sep 2015

Welcome all to another edition of Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay! Last week we had one of my favorite characters ever, Laguna from Final Fantasy VIII! I hope you all enjoyed my little rendition of his signature look. Now this week we have one of my favorite female characters, Lulu from Final Fantasy X.

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I love Lulu so much in Final Fantasy X. She's so mature and maternal. I also am obsessed with her character design. I may joke about the fact that she has a ton of random belts everywhere, but really, I just love everything about her style and really think it works for a casual cosplay. Also as we're getting into fall, I just thought some of the styles in here would work with our fall wardrobes so keeping that in mind as well!

Faux Fur Vest - Grey - $35.00
When I intially thought about doing this, I just knew that a faux fur vest would have to be involved. It's one of Lulu's most prominent features on her dress and I thought a lovely faux fur gilet would be a great alternative.
UK Alternative - Faux Fur Vest - Grey - £20.00

Although granted, I would love to get a really crazy dark grey dress for my lovely Lulu, but unfortunately, we have to stick to a budget. Where I could've gone with a grey with this as well to suit Lulu, I thought it best to go with a black so as to help the grey of the gilet to pop rather than mesh together with the grey of the dress. This also has the v-neck we're looking for with some lovely loose sleeves. Just make sure you wear a black cami or something underneath so as to keep it from being too sheer.

I love Charming Charlie. I really do. My heart yearns for it whenever I'm over in the states. They just offer such adorable jewelry at reasonable prices and look, they have something that looks very similar to Lulu's statement necklace. I dream of the day that they come over to the UK, but alas, I'll just have to wait.
UK Alternative - Purple Wood Bead Black Cotton Cord Necklace - £10.00

Dreamgirl Women's Sheer Thigh High Socks - $6.50
Bit controversial, I know, but you just can't go without Lulu's thigh highs. These are so cute. I've actually worn a pair quite similar to these to a viewing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Granted those thigh highs were from Walmart, but I'd say these might stay up just as well and with a 4/5 star rating on Amazon, I'd say people are pretty freaking happy with them. Plus it means you don't have to deal with a garter, which if I'm honest, are an absolute nightmare to put on and wear.
UK Alternative - Lace Top 20 Denier Sheer Hold Ups - £3.39

Women's Odell Ballet Flats - $14.99
You can't see Lulu's shoes through her dress, so I'm going to say play it safe and go with some black flats. Nothing to jazzy or too expensive, just a simple pair of black flats. These are amazing as well to have around as they compliment most outfits. Definitely a must have for anyone's wardrobe.
UK Alternative - Black Patent Pumps - £9.99

LUNA Fashion Elastic Cinch Belt - Black - $11.99
As this is Lulu we're talking about, she needs to have at least one belt in her Casual Cosplay. For this I went with a simple cinch belt which will give you some waist and give the t-shirt dress a bit of a figure rather than leave you looking too baggy. Also you want to keep the belt simple so as not to try and take the attention away from the purple necklace and grey gilet.
UK Alternative - Tedim Elastic Waspie Corset Waist Belt - £6.99

UK TOTAL: £62.37

I know this one is a bit on the expensive side, but bear in mind, if you have any of these products already, you can save quite a bit of money. You can interchange any of the items as well with your own bits. I bet the same outfit would look great with just a black v-neck shirt and some dark grey skinny jeans, for example. Plus with the fall coming up, faux fur vests are going to be in style and will go great with any of your fall wear. I've always liked the look of a bit of faux fur and really can't wait to try this casual cosplay out myself!

That's it for this week! Be sure to check back for next week's edition of Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay!

Lauren is a self-confessed Squall addict and will fight to the death whenever questioned. You can often find her scouring retailers for her next casual cosplay features! Feel free to follow her on Twitter.