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Square Enix's Sales Down 63%? Just Wait Until Dissidia Hits

Square Enix's Sales Down 63%? Just Wait Until Dissidia Hits

Written by Darryl — 07 Dec 2008

In a recent study, it was unveiled that this year Square Enix's sales were down by 63%. This was partly because the bulk of Crisis Core's Japanese sales came in 2007, but it still performed well when it was released in other regions earlier this year. The main reason for Square Enix's lacklustre sales this year is the absence of any other strong titles, which is where Dissidia: Final Fantasy comes in.

Since it was initially announced, Dissidia has intrigued nearly all fans of Final Fantasy. This is because Dissidia is a celebration of 20 years of Final Fantasy and it will include characters from all twelve of the games which make up the main series. So, even if you only liked one game in the franchise, it will still be featured. The other reason is because it's not an RPG, but a fighting game. Ehrgeiz was released some years ago and only featured characters from Final Fantasy VII, but now players will get the chance to see who really is the best protagonist in Final Fantasy history.

Many critics initially had doubts about Dissidia's credentials, as there was no evidence to suggest that Square Enix could actually make a game in this genre work. However, once they got their hands on it their opinion was changed greatly and since then, Dissidia's popularity has snow-balled with every new charater's announcement. The icing on the cake was the not-so-recent announcement of Cloud Strife, and the more recent announcement of Shantotto, which will coax even more people into checking out the game.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII sold about 500,000 units in its first week in Japan, and it wouldn't be too surprising to see Dissidia completely eclipse that figure. Typical mainstream Final Fantasy games usually sell around 1,500,000 - 2,000,000 units on their first day, so expect Dissidia to sell somewhere in-between. This would make Square Enix's yearly unit sales look much nicer on the eye, even if the supporting titles like The World Ends With You and Sigma Harmonics still failed to perform.

Who knows, Dissidia might even overtake Monster Hunter as the biggest selling PSP game in Japan, but one crucial factor into the game's success will be how well it performs when Famitsu review it in the coming weeks.

Source: Chartget

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