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Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Terra (Final Fantasy VI)

Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Terra (Final Fantasy VI)

Written by Lauren — 06 Sep 2015

Thought I forgot about you guys, didn't you? But alas, here I am with another Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay. This week is, of course, another female character which I hope you all will enjoy.

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Last week we had Ramza which was a pretty difficult one consiering his massive brown boots that would probably cost a fortune in real life. This week's cosplay is a bit simpler, but that doesn't make her any less awesome.



Terra is one of the most notable/recognizable female characters of the series. She's got some lovely designs in her favor thanks to the extremely talented Yoshitaka Amano and so we're going to try and emulate her design as best as we can with this Casual Cosplay.

Hanes Floral Dot Tight (0B936) - $11.95
Unfortunately for us in the west, tights with adorable flowers on them (that look nice) aren't really as popular as they are in Japan. Looking at some Japanese sites, they had dozens of styles that would be PERFECTION for Terra, but unfortunately only came in One Size which I try to avoid in this series as I definitely want to try and include as many body shapes and sizes as possible. So I found these floral dot tights from Hanes which I think are really adorable and would definitely work for our purpose.
UK Alternative - Nude With Medium Grey Polka Dot - £7.99

I saw this and thought, YES YES YES! Although granted, it doesn't have the adorable flowers that Terra has on hers, but it has everything else we need including the sleeves. I know a lot of people when they cosplay Terra have her sleeves/gloves as separate items, but I really love the look that these attached sleeves give and I thought that overall this gives a very "Terra" feel.

Wrapables Floral Bird Print Polyester and Silk Oblong Scarf - $12.99
Although it might bring a bit of imbalance to the top of the ensemble, I feel like if you're cosplaying Terra, you have to have some kind of floral scarf type thing in there whether it's her scarf like belt or her cape. With this in mind, I suggest going old Hollywood with this scarf and not wrap it around your neck but let it drape off your neck down your back, much like how Lady Gaga's shawl sits in this picture - Lady Gaga Red Carpet
UK Alternative - - £5.10

WALSTAR Women Patent Leather Flat Shoes - $13.99
As much as I love gold pointed shoes, they are far too expensive for what we're trying to do here so instead, I've gone for these patent red flats which I think are absolutely adorable anyways. They can act as a really nice statement piece for anyone's wardrobe and best of all, they're only about $14.
UK Alternative - Women's spring diamond ornament shallow hasp pointy toe flat ladies shoes - £21.99

Polka Dot Scrunchie Set
- $3.90
To match Terra's adorable little bow, I found this polka dotted pink bow which I think is really cute and should act as a great piece for this ensemble.
UK Alternative - Polka Dot Scrunchie Set - £3.00

Narrow Belt - Beige - $5.99
To help separate the top of your ensemble and the bottom half, I thought a small belt would be a really nice addition especially since Terra has a very lovely statement piece around her middle. Of the many colors featured in Terra's scarf concoction, I decided the pinky/white bit would work best with what we have here so I've gone with this beige belt.
UK Alternative - Narrow belt - £3.99

UK Total: £57.07

So as you can see, very simple and yet also very elegant. I think this would be a lovely casual cosplay and outfit for anyone perhaps going on a date or on a fun picnic.

Next week's Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay might come out a bit earlier as our Final Fantasy Fan Gathering will be happening on Saturday, September 12th. I'll actually be featuring the Casual Cosplay that I'll be wearing to the event so hopefully you all enjoy my Maternity Casual Cosplay! See you all next week!

Lauren is a self-confessed Squall addict and will fight to the death whenever questioned. You can often find her scouring retailers for her next casual cosplay features! Feel free to follow her on Twitter.