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Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)

Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)

Written by Lauren — 22 Aug 2015

Welcome to another Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay segment where I search the internet for clothing that can both be used for casual cosplay as well as your everyday life. It's pretty much what Casual Cosplay is all about; saving money but also getting things that you will be able to reuse!

Last week's post was, of course, a male character. I managed to put together a Locke Casual Cosplay for you all and this week I have the lovely Rinoa.

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A majority of the characters in Final Fantasy VIII wear things that don't look too obscure. Rinoa's thankfully isn't really too difficult to cosplay which also means she's not that hard to cosplay casually either. She has a very basic design with a lovely knit blue duster and then a little denim skirt ensemble, but I don't actually like denim skirts that much, so this was a bit of a difficult one for me to swallow.

I have to face the facts... I will not find a knit blue duster that reaches my ankles with matching arm bands. Not unless I either cut up a beautiful long sleeve cardigan that would probably cost me an arm and a leg. So in an effort to save you all money, yet still give you the signature "Rinoa" look, I opted for this sky blue cardigan which I think will also make a nice addition to your wardrobe.
UK Alternative - EMMIE BATWING CARDIGAN - Sky - £15.00

Color Pop Skater Skirt - Navy - $14.00
So I really don't like denim skirts. I just find they never look right on me. They're always so stiff and offer next to no favors. Unfortunately, that's what Rinoa wears, so I've decided instead of opting for her denim skirt, I'd use a flare navy skirt instead. I just prefer the way they cinch the waist and plus won't give you weird bumps underneath the blue cardigan. So take that Nomura.
UK Alternative - Fluted Skirt - £8.00

Knit V-Neck Cami - Black - $1.90
Black cami. Plain and simple. Rinoa actually might even be wearing a one piece considering she has those black skater shorts sneaking out of her skirt, but either way, a cami should be easy to manage underneath the skater skirt and is also really cheap!
UK Alternative - Classic V-Neck Cami - Black - £2.00

This is probably the most expensive bit of this ensemble, but for a good reason, I swear! I just love lace up boots. I think they work with a lot of looks and have just the right amount of class and casual to rock with a skater skirt. Plus, these bad boys are on offer which is AMAZING.
UK Alternative - Biker Army Military Boot - £14.99

Final Fantasy Inspired Wing Crystal Necklace - $16.00
Ok, so it's not Squall's ring, but I thought this would be really cute take on Rinoa's necklace while also incorporating the wings that she has on the back of her knit duster. For only $16.00, this is just a really sweet little piece that will bring the whole ensemble together.
UK Alternative - Final Fantasy Inspired Wing Crystal Necklace -£10.47

Costume Total: $92.89
UK TOTAL: £50.46

And there you have it! A Rinoa-inspired look all for under $100. Plus you can re-use all the items for your everyday outfits I personally really think I might go for the military boots. I've been really wanting some for awhile now and the blue cardigan looks so comfy.

That's all for this week! If you enjoy my little series, please don't hesitate to like, reblog, share, tweet, whatever floats your boat! Next week will be another male character. Won't give you too much, but he will definitely be an interesting one!

Lauren is a self-confessed Squall addict and will fight to the death whenever questioned. You can often find her scouring retailers for her next casual cosplay features! Feel free to follow her on Twitter.