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7 Final Fantasy Games Coming In 2009

7 Final Fantasy Games Coming In 2009

Written by Darryl — 01 Dec 2008

Earlier today, Square Enix unveiled their release line-up for 2009 which included 28 titles. Unfortunately, only 7 of these titles are related to the world of Final Fantasy, and they are:

- Final Fantasy XIII (Playstation 3)
- Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Playstation 3)
- Final Fantasy Agito XIII (Playstation Portable)
- Dissidia: Final Fantasy (Playstation Portable)
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (Wii, DS)
- Final Fantasy IV: The After (Mobile)
- Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete (Blu-ray)

It's great that they are releasing all three Fabula Nova Crystallis titles in the same year, but they have seemingly merged Japanese, North American and European release dates all into one, so it's difficult to tell if any will see the light of day outside of Japan this year.

There is also no news on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers and even though Square Enix recently announced that the game hadn't been canceled, it seems to be stuck in development hell.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the source of this story has come out and said this isn't an official list, but a likely list of titles. Hopefully it still comes true though and sorry for any confusion.

Source: GamingShogun

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