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Cloud Message: New Information Highly Unlikely

Cloud Message: New Information Highly Unlikely

Written by Darryl — 29 Nov 2008

Final Fantasy XIII news has been slow recently and even though speculation about the famed 'Cloud Message' was initially centered around Final Fantasy VII, it hasn't taken long for fansites to attempt to capitalise on it by regurgitating news and claiming that this book will provide great things. The question is, should we actually care?

The short answer is no. Unlike the newly announced Re: DVD, Cloud Message is purely a book. This means there will be no new trailers and no new news. What will probably be in the book? Artwork, which we've more than likely already seen. Why is it likely that we've seen it anyway? Because the book features ten other topics (nine of which are games) and there is no real need for Square Enix to include something new when they have so much content that they can fill the book up with.

If the book is around 100 pages, that means each topic would on average get about 10 pages each. However, if you consider that DK̏

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