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E3 2015 Was An Explosion Of Final Fantasy

E3 2015 Was An Explosion Of Final Fantasy

Written by Lauren — 21 Jun 2015

In the beginning, it definitely didn't seem as though Square Enix were going to have that big of a turn out this year at E3. For starters, Final Fantasy XV's director Hajime Tabata stated that he would not be bringing any new Final Fantasy XV content to the show and because of that, many fans assumed that this year's E3 would be all about Square Enix's Western titles like Tomb Raider and perchance a new Hitman game. Boy, were we wrong.

This year's E3 started with an absolute bang with Square Enix bringing back old IPs, announcing sequels, and one very sought after Remake. Fans everywhere were reporting their amazement over Square Enix's announcements; some even saying Square Enix had the most exciting conference they had seen in years. Now that the hype has settled, we're going to take a look at all of the announcements Square Enix made at E3 related to Final Fantasy and take a stab at predicting what's to come.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake

I don't think anyone really truly saw this one coming. Even when reports that a remake was happening popped up the day before the convention, fans were still skeptical of their validity. But alas, at Sony's Press Conference, fans were treated with a gorgeous teaser trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake and the rest is history.

The trailer throws us off the scent a bit to start with. Many people were attempting to decipher what this was supposed to be; if it was another film for Final Fantasy VII or a new game entirely. Then we see the cast of Final Fantasy VII with their old gear and then "REMAKE" sprawled across the screen, fans reacted with pure delight. The remake is going to be produced by Yoshinori Kitase (FFVII's original director), scenario written by Kazushige Nojima (who was one of the game's original writers alongside Kitase), and directed by Tetsuya Nomura (FFVII's original character designer who also helped write the game's original story). No word on whether or not Nobuo Uematsu will be coming back to maybe revamp some of the old tracks but the trailer did feature some of the game's most notable songs.

Nomura sat down for some interviews during E3 where he revealed that the game will not be a simple remaster of the original title, stating that "If that's what you wanted, I think it'd be enough to just play the original international version on PlayStation 4."

When asked about some of the game's more light-hearted scenes, Nomura stated that scenes like the one with Cloud dressing up for the Honey Bee Inn will indeed be included in the game, but he asks fans to be patient and, of course, excited.

As for the gameplay, Nomura has remained quite tight lipped on the subject but that doesn't stop fans from speculating what might become of the game's beloved Materia system. Some are even doubting that the game would be turn-based and instead offer a gameplay style similar to Final Fantasy XV.

We're hoping that we'll get more information on this soon. In the meantime you can check the E3 2015 trailer below:

World of Final Fantasy

Perhaps in an effort to bring in a younger generation of gamers, Square Enix have announced World of Final Fantasy. From what we know so far about the title, it'll have an ATB-style combat system and revolve around players battling, collecting, and befriending monsters.

The World of Final Fantasy revolves around a set of twins who are travelling around the world of Grimoire which, apparently, is where many of the Final FAntasy monsters and heroes have been hiding. Hiroki Chiba is taking the director's seat after acting as the event planner/scenario writer for many of the Final Fantasy games including FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, and Final Fantasy Type-0.

World of Final Fantasy will release on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Hopefully more information will come in the near future, but until then, check out the adorable trailer below:

Final Fantasy Portal App

Square Enix also announced a new Final Fantasy Portal app for iOS and Android devices. This app will essentially act as a pocket handbook for Final Fantasy fans offering a ton of information on all Final Fantasy games as well as access to the latest trailers and announcements. They even will have the Final Fantasy XIV version of Triple Triad (the card game from Final Fantasy VIII) which should be quite fun just as long as they don't try adding region rules into the equation.

Final Fantasy VII Port For PlayStation 4 has been Delayed; iOS Version Announced

As much as we wished there wouldn't be any bad news at Square Enix's press conference, unfortunately they've now announced that the Final Fantasy VII PC port that is coming to PlayStation 4 has been delayed. On the brighter side though, Square Enix has announced that an iOS version will be releasing some time this summer, so at least it's not all bad.


Although a lot of the information on the titles Square Enix announced have been withheld, there's still some room for speculation on what the future brings for Square Enix. For instance, we think we might be seeing a 2017 release date for the Final Fantasy VII Remake because of VII's 20th Anniversary. Since it was absent at E3, Final Fantasy XV might get a release date for some time in 2016. We'll probably hear more about this come Gamescom.

Only time will tell, but we'll keep you posted if any new information arises. Square Enix had a fantastic presence at E3 2015 and makes us very excited for the future.

Lauren is a self-confessed Squall addict and will fight to the death whenever questioned. You can often find her scouring retailers for her next casual cosplay features! Feel free to follow her on Twitter.