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Multi-Disc Final Fantasy XIII On 360 Looking Likely

Multi-Disc Final Fantasy XIII On 360 Looking Likely

Written by Darryl — 22 Nov 2008

Anyone who bought The Last Remnant on Thursday will have noticed one blatantly obvious thing, it comes on two discs. Now, this might not be that concerning to too many people, but it could hint that this could be the way things will be done in the future.

As everyone is now aware, Final Fantasy XIII is being released on the Xbox 360, as part of Square Enix's new "let's make money" strategy. It's more than likely that Final Fantasy XIII will dwarf The Last Remnant in size, and if they couldn't compress that game down, it is likely that they will struggle for Final Fantasy XIII as well. The only thing that might discount this, is that The Last Remnant was developed using an external engine (Unreal 3), whereas Final Fantasy XIII is being developed using Square Enix's own Crystal Tools.

People joked a lot about the amount of discs Metal Gear Solid would need if it were ever released on the 360, and this might start up all over again now that people have seen The Last Remnant.

Concerning the Playstation 3, well The Last Remnant is said to be coming on one disc, and there is even talk of the Japanese voice work being included too; so it doesn't look like there are any storage issues there. This will probably hold true for Final Fantasy XIII, but the question is; how many discs will Final Fantasy XIII actually need on the 360? Your guess is as good as mine, but if they use similar compression on Final Fantasy XIII as they did on The Last Remnant, you're probably looking at 3-4.

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