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Top 10 Creepiest Moments In Final Fantasy

Top 10 Creepiest Moments In Final Fantasy

Written by Lauren — 31 Oct 2014

Although Final Fantasy is not supposed to be a scary game, there are some parts in the series that would give even the bravest gamers the creeps. So in honor of it being Halloween, we're listing our picks for Final Fantasy's creepiest moments. Bear in mind these aren't in any particular order and there might be some spoilers.

Rinoa is Possessed

// Final Fantasy VIII
Rinoa spends quite a bit of the second half of Final Fantasy VIII in a coma, that is until she unleashes all hell on a space station while possessed by a certain sorceress. This bit is creepy not only because of the fact that Rinoa is possessed but because of a combination of eerie music and Rinoa's weird walking animation. Every time you go to try and snap Rinoa out of her trance, you're thrown back making this one of Final Fantasy VIII's creepiest moments.

Skip ahead to the 3 minute mark for the creepy bit


// Final Fantasy VII
What once was an okay town, has now been transformed into an almost deserted one. According to Cloud, this town had burnt down years ago but now it seems to have been rebuilt and taken over by creepy cloaked people who keep talking about a Reunion. And then there's the mansion at the top of the town which is even more eerie and filled with eerie almost Silent Hill like enemies. Definitely not a place, you want to stay in very long, but as Vincent can be obtained here, we guess the eeriness is worth it in the end.

Skip ahead to the 3 minute 20 seconds mark for the creepy bit

Calca and Brina

// Final Fantasy IV
Just when you thought porcelain dolls were creepy enough, lets make them evil and have them attack you. To make matters worse, if you don't kill these guys fast enough, they'll morph into an even bigger boss named Calcabrina and then if you aren't able to beat him, he'll morph back to Calca and Brina with full health forcing you to start all over. Complete with creepy carnival like music, these guys are nightmare fuel.

Lord Jyscal

// Final Fantasy X
You don't know it at first, but Maester Seymour Guado, one of FFX's main antagonists actually is responsible for the death of his father Lord Jyscal. This whole storyline begins after we visit the Farplane and see the unsent form of Lord Jyscal try to escape. Maester Seymour alone gives us the creeps, but this scene makes him all the more terrifying. You find out that Seymour murdered Lord Jyscal from a sphere he made predicting his untimely demise. This has to be one of the eeriest moments of Final Fantasy X.

Gusgen Mines

// Final Fantasy XI
Although the place is creepy in itself, the Gusgen Mines has an equally chilling lore involving the deaths of both miners and their children. There were apparently 6 people who died in the mines of suspicious circumstances and although their bodies are gone, their souls remain. This place is full of ghouls and other such creepy foes along with a frightening siren that constantly rings in certain areas. Very Silent Hill esque.

Phantom Train

// Final Fantasy VI
Although this part in the game remains contains one of the best boss battles in Final Fantasy history, you can't ignore that this small scene involving mysterious cloaked people stating that there's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide is creepy as all hell.

The creepy bit begins at 8 minutes 24 seconds

Phantom Village

// Final Fantasy V
Compared to the other moments featured on this list, this is not really as creepy, but it is pretty unsettling. There's a town in Final Fantasy V which actually doesn't even exist as a sprite on the map. You have to go into a specific patch of forest on the world map, walk around a bit, and wait for the screen to transition into what you would think is a battle screen. The village contains a bunch of great items to purchase, but all of the NPCs within it are dressed exactly the same and the music is really dark.

The creepy bit begins at 19 minutes 55 seconds

Den of Woe

// Final Fantasy X-2
So in Final Fantasy X-2, there's a huge side mission which can be easily missed in the Mushroom Rock Ravine. It can be unlocked if you manage to collect all of the Crimson Spheres. Inside holds the spirit of Shuyin and he is pissed. Paine apparently has been inside the Den of Woe once before with Gippal, Nooj, and Baralai, but what she failed to mention before coming in here was that Shuyin possessed and tortured them all and almost got all of them killed. So once again, Paine leads everyone inside and one by one the girls get possessed by Shuyin leaving Yuna to sort everyone out. It's in here that you can watch the full scene of how Shuyin and Lenne were killed and is essential should you wish to achieve 100% completion.

The creepy bit begins at 1 minute 44 seconds


// Final Fantasy XIII
Although Barthandelus wasn't very memorable as an antagonist, the party's fight against Orphan was pretty grim. First Orphan tortures Vanille in an effort to force her to complete her focus and become Ragnarok, but then Fang steps in to sacrifice herself. Then you see everyone in your party turned into Cie'th which is pretty frightening. And then of course there's Orphan's true form which has the face of some kind of demon baby doll. This is definitely one of the creepiest finales in any of the Final Fantasy games.

Cloud's Mind

// Final Fantasy VII
Cloud has a really tough time throughout Final Fantasy VII. He realizes that he wasn't who he thought he was, that Tifa was pretty much lying to him the whole time, and on top of that he's in grieving over the death of Aerith who he watched get stabbed through the back by Sephiroth. Really all of that is enough to send someone into a breakdown which is exactly what happens while the party is recovering in Mideel. Well, things kick into gear once the city gets attacked by Ultimate Weapon and Cloud and Tifa fall into the Lifestream. It's here where Tifa literally falls into Cloud's subconscious and tries to sort out the massive mess that she's partially responsible for. A combination of creepy music and a bunch of copies of Cloud (one of which who's floating slowing in space) makes this part of the game really creepy.

The creepy bit begins at 4 minute 49 seconds

Honorable Mention

Tam-Tara Deepcroft

// Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
The Hard mode of Tam-Tara Depcroft has some of the creepiest cutscenes ever. Don't believe us? Just watch the video below. This scene was brought to our attention by Danton McCreaide on Facebook.

So that's it for our list of 10 of the Creepiest Moments from the Final Fantasy. Let us know if you agree and any that you think we might have missed in the comments below or on our social media pages.

Wishing you all a very Happy Halloween

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