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Final Fantasy Union Cosplay Spotlight: Yuna Edition

Final Fantasy Union Cosplay Spotlight: Yuna Edition

Written by Lauren — 25 Apr 2014

Welcome to Volume 2 of our Final Fantasy Union Cosplay Spotlight series. Today we have quite the selection for you all.

Since last week we did a Final Fantasy X focused Fan Art Spotlight, we decided why not carry that on with some Yuna love. Here's some cosplays of Yuna we've found across the internet:

Yuna - Photo- Unknown, Cosplay- Rosabella
Yuna (Gunner Version)
Photographer : Unknown / Cosplayer : Rosabella

Yuna - Photo-  Tiffany Chang, Cosplay- Mostflogged
Yuna (Summoner Version)
Photographer : Tiffany Chang / Cosplayer : Mostflogged

Yuna - Photo- Richard Bui, Cosplay- Crystalike
Yuna (Songstress Version)
Photographer : Richard Bui / Cosplayer : Crystalike

Yuna - Photo- Poro-Poro, Cosplay- Zan
Yuna (Beserker Version)
Photographer : Poro-Poro / Cosplayer : Zan

Yuna - Photo- Benny Lee, Cosplay- Monika Lee
Yuna (Wedding Version)
Photographer : Benny Lee / Cosplayer : Monika Lee

If you'd like to submit your cosplay photos, please email us at Lauren@gamingunion.net.

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