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15 Fun Facts About Final Fantasy VIII For Its 15th Birthday

15 Fun Facts About Final Fantasy VIII For Its 15th Birthday

Written by Lauren — 11 Feb 2014

Lightning Returns has officially released in North America, however, there was another Final Fantasy game that was released on this day in 1999.

Final Fantasy VIII was released 15 years ago in Japan. This was the game that had to match the strength of Final Fantasy VII and still to this day remains controversial among fans due to its complicated story and draw system.

For many of us though, this may have been your first Final Fantasy title and so, just as we did with Final Fantasy VII, we're going to honor the occasion with a list of 15 fun facts about the game.

1. "Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec" Meaning
The song "Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec" is an anagram of the phrase "Succession of Witches" and "Liberi Fatali" roughly translates to "Fated Children" in Latin.

2. Boco The Chocobo
When Final Fantasy VIII was released, there was a Memory Card peripheral that went by the name of "The Pocket Station" and it was sold only in Japan. This peripheral could be used with Final Fantasy VIII and featured a mini game called Chocobo World which starred Boco the Chocobo. Unfortunately for international users, this game was not accessable in the original version, however, with Final Fantasy VIII's PC re-release, fans can play Chocobo World in a separate application.

3. Zell Is A Poser
Zell shares many of the same moves as Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII, such as Dolphin Blow, Punch Rush, Meteor Strike and her ultimate limit, Final Heaven.

4. Final Fantasy VIII Started Production When?!
The production of Final Fantasy VIII started while Final Fantasy VII's English translation was being completed.

5. Square Must Love Thriller
During Edea's parade in Deling City, there are a bunch of masked dancers. If you look closely, they're performing the dance from Michael Jackson's Thriller.

*Bonus - there's also a "Thriller" music video with the Final Fantasy Spirits Within cast.

6. Ifirit Will Now Be Named Fluffy
Final Fantasy VIII is one of the first Final Fantasy games to let players choose a name for their summons (guardian forces).

7. Rinoa's Name Translated
In many publications, Rinoa's name is translated to Lenore meaning "Light of the Earth".

8. First Comes Squall Then Comes... Selphie?
Selphie was the second character Tetsuya Nomura drew for Final Fantasy VIII.

9. Cloud's Still With Us
In Esthar, there's a shop called "Cloud's Shop", referencing Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.

10. Square Made A Boo-Boo
On Square Enix's official website for the 25th Anniversary of Final Fantasy, a character bio of Seifer was posted. Everything else was right, except his name which was posted as "Sephiroth". Square Enix has since corrected the mistake.

11. Edea = Strongest Triple Triad Card
Edea holds her own Triple Triad card and is the toughest opponent due to the Centra ruleset and her smarter AI.

12. How Nice Is Your Squall?
Selphie's website contains comments about Squall which range from good to "kinda scary". These change depending on the player's social choices between Squall and the rest of the party.

13. Edea's Deling Parade Speech
Edea's speech in Deling City is completely different in the Japanese version. You can read a translation of the Japanese version here, but only if you're okay with spoilers.

14. Final Fantasy VII, You Know
Fujin and Raijin were originally supposed to be in Final Fantasy VII, however, with the Turks they were deemed unnecessary and were saved for Final Fantasy VIII.

15. Zell And His Hot Dogs
In the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VIII, Zell's does not have an obsession with hot dogs, but flavored bread instead.



Ending Conspiracies
There are some massive conspiracies regarding Final Fantasy VIII's ending. There is one theory that suggests Squall has been dead through most of the game. The theory suggests that anything after the failed mission in Deling City is a dream. The second theory is that Rinoa is in fact Ultimecia. Both theories have not been officially reported as true, however, there is a lot of evidence to support them.

Hope you enjoyed our list. If you have any other Final Fantasy VIII trivia let us know in the comments below!

Final Fantasy VIII is now available on PC via the Steam.

Lauren is a self-confessed Squall addict and will fight to the death whenever questioned. You can often find her scouring retailers for her next casual cosplay features! Feel free to follow her on Twitter.