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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Impressions: Returning To Eorzea

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Impressions: Returning To Eorzea

Written by Spencer — 06 Sep 2013

Leading up to our review of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn I will be writing impressions about the game.

The trouble with playing an MMO during a private Beta is you normally won't have any data carried over from your character when the full game releases. This was defiantly the case for me since I played the Beta over 20+ hours over the summer and didn't just want to repeat my experience when the time came to start playing the full game. So I did something I normally never do and picked a brand new character that looked like my old one, but picked a much different class.

My new character was no longer a gladiator and was now an archer. This meant that I started in a brand new area and got to explore different areas previously unavailable to me in the Beta. The world of Eorzea is split up into three major areas with Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah where my Beta character started, and Gridania which is home to my archer.

Gridania is a heavily wooded area home to many archers and crafts makers. While most MMORPG's wooded areas suffer from looking alike, Grindania has yet to leave that kind of impression of me after 15 hours playing. Instead of a forest, it really ends up felling more like a very lived in village. Filled with plenty of shops, landmarks, and of course people.

If you all couldn't tell already, A LOT of people have been playing A Realm Reborn. I will not be talking about the game's server problem here and will save that for a later discussion. The reason for that is that in all of the time I was playing during launch week I rarely had any issues connecting and when I did I didn't feel cheated by the game for being unable to play.

After my archer started his journey, I finally got a look at the games story and very litte really differed in terms of presentation. While there is some voice acting, these moments are very far and in between so don't be expecting this to be The Old Republic. That being said what is there is very well done and the cutscenes without voices are still very well done. The dialogue has a good range of silly, but still serious when it needs to be and the animations for the characters match up very well.

Playing A Realm Reborn reminds me of playing Final Fantasy XI for the first time and this is a ggod/bad thing. Good because it brings over many of the addictive elements I love from Final Fantasy and MMORPG's. Bad because I was really hoping to continue to be a contributing member of society, but every time I get any free time I dedicate it to this game. This is the kind of effect we all wanted when Final Fantasy XIV originally released.

Even though it took over three years and burnt a lot of fans, A Realm Reborn is on the right track to do what it was originally intended to.The missions are still very common go to X to do X for cash and experience, but with a Final Fantasy cover. This is not a bad things if you like MMORPG's because it works and if you have only played Final Fantasy games then these will be good filler during and after you finish the games main story.

The amount of content can be overwhelming when you start and keeps growing the more you unlock. After you discover guilds, levequests, and guildleves you really get to pick and choose how you want to experience A Realm Reborn however you want. Add plenty of different monsters to come across and the highly addictive FATES system to the mix then you have little to complain about when it comes to amount of content.

We will still have to wait and see a month (and now seven days) if players will still pay to keep playing in Eorzea. The part of the community that doesn't want to rage quit the game already over very common MMORPG launch problems seem to be enjoying everything as well so far. In my next impressions as I will have spent more time messing around with missions, guildleves, and more.

If you have been playing A Realm Reborn let us know what you think in the comments below, Also if you had any questions that I didn't cover just leave me a question in the comments below. I know many have been wondering about any sort of official guild/linkshell is being made for Final Fantasy Union and more info is coming as it should be all set up soon so don't worry one is being made!

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If you would like to join/add me on A Realm Reborn, I am playing on Ragnarok and my character name is Snow Dawg. In case anyone is wondering I am also playing on PS3.

Spencer is something of a veteran around these parts, as a previous podcast host. He has a desperate love for Persona, but that just makes his love for Final Fantasy grow even stronger! You can follow his confused JRPG ramblings on Twitter.