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FFXIII-2 Musings: Simultaneous PS3 and 360 Release?

FFXIII-2 Musings: Simultaneous PS3 and 360 Release?

Written by Colin — 16 Jun 2011

FFXIII was a strange case. Releasing on both PS3 and Xbox 360 on March 9 last year in North America and Europe, but solely on PS3 in Japan the previous December. It wasn't until a whole year later that FFXIII was finally released on the Xbox 360 in the land of the rising sun.

With it's sequel, Square Enix have established that it is still a multiplatform title, but will that be the case in Japan? Signs indicate so, according to a magazine scan showcasing the game for both Sony's and Microsoft's system.

Now the question is if Square Enix's Yoichi Wada will be on the receiving end of death threats again. Several fans were not entirely happy with the CEO's decision. Essentially, Wada went back on his word of keeping FFXIII a PS3 exclusive in Japan.

What say you? Will FFXIII's sequel release on both systems at the same time or will it be another strange case of a multiplat release in the West, timed-exclusive in Japan?

Source: FF-Reunion