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Cosplay Of The Week Is Back: Amano Tifa Takes The Stage

Cosplay Of The Week Is Back: Amano Tifa Takes The Stage

Written by Colin — 29 Apr 2011

I've been meaning to bring this feature back. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and now that time is being a bit friendlier with me, I can do just that! Cosplay of the Week is officially back and we're going to kick off with a bang.

This week's star is UrbanBallerinaEsq, aka Christina Rose from the United States, who recently cosplayed as Tifa Lockhart - and not just your regular Tifa, she's outdone herself with her Amano Tifa costume based on Yoshitaka Amano's original concept, as well as the bonus costume seen in Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] Final Fantasy, which you can see in the image to your left.

From the details on the pleather to the armour, made out of craft foam, metal washers, and whatnot, the entire costume is really quite well done. Rose also credits her friend, Rebecca Davis, for helping her out with the pleather stitching and gloves.

Photography by Tiffany Ho, with direction from Okageo.

Rose describes the setting as one where Tifa is "contemplating her relationship with Cloud," not to mention she also wanted to capture the surreal, dreamlike sensations that many, if not all, of Amano's artwork presents to viewers. A job well done, I'd say. What say you?

And that's it for this week's cosplay. Be sure to check out the rest of Rose's works at either her deviantART or Cosplay.com page. She does a killer Dark Zelda as well.