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Cosplay Of The Week: Yuna And Paine

Cosplay Of The Week: Yuna And Paine

Written by Colin — 10 Aug 2010

We all know that cosplayers have some of the most insane sense of dedication. From slaving away from dawn to dusk on their next best costume to painstakingly concentrating on even the most minute of details on a prop, it really requires an impressive amount of patience and dedication.

Well, then what does that say about these two ladies that snuck into an abandoned warehouse just to get a suitable setting for their Final Fantasy X-2 cosplay photoshoot?


From the costumes and props to the hair styling and finally to the picture perfect backdrop, Camille and Akusesu have done a great job portraying the lovely ladies from Final Fantasy X-2, Yuna and Paine respectively. Just take a look at the shot taken by their photographer, Tony Quan. Pictures are worth a thousand words after all.

Cosplay of the Week - Yuna and Paine
Photography courtesy of Tony Quan.