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Cosplay Of The Week: Genesis Rhapsodos

Cosplay Of The Week: Genesis Rhapsodos

Written by Colin — 03 Aug 2010

Eat your heart out fangirls, this week's cosplay feature proves that I'm not just browsing the web for good looking gals in Final Fantasy outfits (Okay, maybe I am). Anyway, back on topic. As usual, let's start off with who we've already showcased and they would be,

Yeah we're going to need a page for them cosplays eventually.

Genesis Rhapsados is the man of the week. Cosplayed by Otaru-Shirou, who has also cosplayed other characters including Squall from FFVIII and Riku from Kingdom Hearts II. Check out his killer cosplay below, and more over at his deviantArt page. From the leather to the rapier and let's not forget his hair too, Otaru-Shirou makes a splendid Genesis.

And I'm sure the fangirls agree.

Cosplay of the Week - Genesis Rhapsodos

As usual, if you have a recommendation or if you actually find a real life Final Fantasy character, feel free to let us know!