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Cosplay Of The Week: Lightning

Cosplay Of The Week: Lightning

Written by Colin — 27 Jul 2010

Alrighty, it's time for our cosplay of the week! Just to remind everyone, we've featured two lovely ladies previously and they are Stella (Sheila), who cosplayed a nigh-identical Stella Nox Fleuret, and blacklash90 (Jorlene) as Oerba Yun Fang from Final Fantasy XIII.

This week, thanks to the recommendation of blacklash90, I'm pretty ecstatic to feature one of her best friends, Tachibana Shizuka. She also goes by the name of RainerTachibana over at deviantArt. Now I've seen her cosplays before and let me just say this, they are amazing. The one in particular that we are featuring is her Lightning cosplay.

If Lightning was real, then we've found her.

Not only is she an impressive cosplayer, making and styling her outfits herself, she's also a talented artist. You can check out her blog for some of her artwork, she put up a nice drawing of Lightning recently.

Cosplay of the Week - Tachibana Shizuka as Lightning
Photography by Ahbu/Delia.

Shizuka's also cosplayed as Serah and Vanille, both from Final Fantasy XIII, as well as Noctis from Versus and a myriad of other Final Fantasy characters.

Hope you enjoy this week's feature! As usual, feel free to let us know if have any recommendations.