Final Fantasy Fan Gathering 2015, Definitely a Day To Remember

Final Fantasy Fan Gathering 2015, Definitely a Day To Remember

Written by Lauren — 16 Sep 2015

On September 12th, 2015, over 80 Final Fantasy fans gathered in London for a day jam packed with Final Fantasy related activities and events. For those of you who were unable to attend or even for those who did, here is a rundown of what occurred on this rather special day.

We started off the day with a pub quiz. Figured it'd be good to get our brains in gear. Each of the fans were segregated into teams and each of the teams represented a particular Final Fantasy summon. We had 4 rounds of hard hitting Final Fantasy related questions; one focused on current events, one on general knowledge, one on music, and a picture round where fans had to identify various characters and their voice actors. In the end it was Team Titan who prevailed and were moved on into the final round.

Pub Quiz (7)

After the pub quiz, the floor was open for the fans to mingle and enjoy the various activities that we had available for them. We had a Triple Triad corner which blared "Shuffle or Boogie" from Final Fantasy VIII as fans attempted to beast each other using cards that were hand made by fellow event organizer, Chris Peters (Final Fantasy UK Fans).

Triple Triad (2)

We also had a Jump Rope Challenge area where fans had one chance to hit the top score in Final Fantasy IX's notorious Jump Rope Challenge. In the end Ole-Petter Gunnulfsen won with 82 jumps which meant he received a poster and an Nintendo e-shop voucher.

Jump Rope Challenge

Next we had the drawing corner where fans could entertain themselves by coloring with crayons. We've saved all of the artwork and should we have a future event, you might see some of their artwork along the walls.

Drawing Corner (1)

There were also 3 vendors setup selling their wares. We had Kidura who sold some gorgeous pieces of artwork related to Final Fantasy, Mooglears and Stuff who sold various little soft plushies and ears (you can actually see me wearing a set), and finally, Chocopoms, who sold various adorable Final Fantasy pom dolls.

Photo compliments of Kidura.

During this time we also had a Theatrhythm Tournament going on. Not only that, we had a very special message from Final Symphony Producer Thomas Bocker and, the one and only, Nobuo Uematsu. They unfortunately couldn't be at the event in person, but offered a signed vinyl of the original Final Symphony (a very rare item) to whoever won the Theatrhythm Tournament. The Theatrhythm final saw Simon Jenkins, Caron Chuen Cheong, Sam Laryea and James Leare going head to head for first place.

Thomas Bocker and Nobuo Uematsu
Nobuo Uematsu Theatrhythm (16)

After a small break for lunch, we all reconvened for a Q&A with a few industry folk. We had Tomasz Rozejowski (Merchandising Division) and Daniel Seto (Community Manager) from Square Enix Europe and Hollie Bennett (Community Manager) from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Each of them offered some interesting insight into their work on various projects as well as their love for the Final Fantasy franchise. We were very excited to have them sit down with us!

Q and A (2)

When the Q&A ended, we had our Theatrhythm finals which saw Sam Laryea finish up in second place, winning a Cloud Trading Arts and a Cloud Static Arts, and James Leare winning the first place prize, the signed Final Symphony vinyl.

Theatrhythm (10) Theatrhythm (11)

The last main event that we had was the Pub Quiz final which saw Team Titan's members going against each other. The first person to get 5 correct answers won first prize which was a PlayStation 4 and two games; Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster. Sam Jane King took first place, but the other players did not go empty handed! Rizen Ba

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