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Final Fantasy VIII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

When Squall and the others arrive in Timber to help a resistance faction called the Forst Owls, they speak to Zone who is the leader of the resistance. He, along side Watts and Rinoa, have been attempting to disrupt the Galbadian activity in the area.

When he was young he witnessed his father's execution with his very own eyes. He was put to death by the Galbadian government as an example to the other rebels. Watt's also incured the same ordeal and the two took charge of the Forest Owls in their place.

Zone, while being the leader of the Forest Owls, seems to have difficulty dealing with pressure and often runs off with Stomach Pains. Subsequently Rinoa seems to fill in as the leader in his place for a lot of their missions. Towards the end of the game, Zone appears on the White SeeD Ship.