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Minor Character

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Zaon is a famous name in the realms of Spira because he was the partner and guardian to Lady Yunalesca, the famous summoner, and they existed 1,000 years prior to the events of Final Fantasy X.

Upon the appearance of Sin, Yunalesca sacrificed Zaon in order to summon the Final Aeon, which she would then use to defeat Sin. Following this process, Zaon then became the new Sin, as per Yu Yevon's plan.

Zaon's relationship with Yunalesca is talked about throughout the game, especially by Seymour Guado who uses them as an example of his proposed relationship between he and Yuna.#Following his defeat by the next Final Aeon, Zaon's unsent spirit found its way to the Via Infinito. It laid dorment there until Yuna ventured to the Via Infinito, where they are forced to fight Zaon in his fiend form; Paragon.