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Final Fantasy X

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Hedy Burress
Age: 17

Yuna makes her first appearance in Final Fantasy X when she emerges from the Besaid Island Chamber of the Fayth. She is exhausted, but is happy that she's finally become a summoner and afterwards, she shows off her new powers by summoning Valefor. This amazes both the villagers in Besaid and Tidus.

On board the S.S. Liki, Yuna talks to Tidus about Zanarkand, and says that a man called Jecht once told her about it – he was her father's Guardian. When Tidus states that his father is also called Jecht, Yuna exclaims that it must be a blessing from Yevon that they should meet like this.

The Sending

As they watch Sin decimate Kilika, Yuna knows what she will have to do upon arrival. After asking permission, she performs the sending, enabling the souls of the dead to rest in the Farplane. Shortly after, Yuna asks if Tidus can become her Guardian, but Wakka doesn't agree with the idea.

Upon meeting Dona for the first time, she mocks how many Guardians Yuna has – to which she replies that she only has as many Guardians as there are people she can trust. Following this, Dona leaves her in peace and allows Yuna to obtain the summon Ifrit.Yuna Kidnapped Al Bhed

Drama In Luca

Upon hearing word that Auron is somewhere in Luca, Yuna decides to tag along with Tidus in his search. However, when they arrive at the supposed destination, Auron is nowhere to be seen and Yuna is kidnapped by the Al Bhed while nobody is watching.

Lulu manages to find out where she is and together with Tidus and Kimahri, they manage to rescue her. It is here that we find out about Yuna being half Al Bhed and her uncle is called Cid. Her mother always told her to seek out Cid should she ever need help.

Acquiring Some New Guardians

After Auron materialises, he has a long conversation with Tidus; the result of this is that he wishes to become Yuna's Guardian, but only if Tidus can be one too. She gladly accepts and takes her Guardian total to 5.

The group then head towards Djose temple, which is the next stop on her pilgrimage. Even after witnessing the events of Operation Mi'ihen, Yuna seems to remain in bright spirits and inside the temple she speaks to Isaaru who challengers her to a race to see who can defeat Sin first. Yuna Seymour Proposal

Kidnappings & Marriage Proposals

While crossing the Moonflow on a Shoopuf, Yuna is against kidnapped by the Al Bhed, but this time Tidus and Wakka save her much more promptly. Rikku is washed up on the shore after the attack and after a "girls only" conversation; Yuna decides to allow Rikku to be her Guardian too.

As the group arrives in Guadosalam, they are greeted by Tromell. Inside Seymour's home, he asks her to marry him, which startles her. She seems to be torn about what to do, but thinks that marrying Seymour would make the people of Spira very happy.

Jyscal's Request For Seymour

During their journey across the Thunder Plain, they stop at Rin's Travel Agency for a breather to help Rikku. While there, Yuna takes the opportunity to look at the sphere she was given by Lord Jyscal, which explains what Seymour has done.

Deciding that it is her duty to perform Jyscal's request, Yuna decides to marry Seymour and claims that the reason is to bring unity to Yevon. Tidus is visibly shocked by the news, but there is nothing he can do and they head off to Macalania Temple. Yuna Fights Seymour

Seymour Must Be Stopped

Yuna successfully obtains Shiva from the Macalania Chamber of the Fayth, but when she emerges, she finds her Guardians waiting outside. They announce that they have seen Jyscal's Sphere, which prompts Yuna to exclaim that she is also here to stop Seymour.

They fight Seymour and he is defeated, but before Yuna has the chance to send him, Tromell arrives and gets Seymour carried away. After branding Yuna a traitor, they are then forced to run from Macalania while being chased by Guado.

Marriage Ceremony In Bevelle

In an odd turn of events, everyone ends up on Bikanel Island, but while the others manage to unite, Yuna is nowhere to be found. The soon learn that she has been kidnapped by the Guado and that she is going to marry Seymour in Bevelle.

Seymour forces Yuna to kiss him, but her Guardians break up the ceremony. Yuna runs away to the edge of the building and threatens to jump. She tells everyone not to worry as she can fly and after she jumps off, Valefor catches her in mid-air. Following her escape, Yuna heads straight for the Bevelle Chamber of the Fayth, but after joining with the Fayth, she collapses.

Sentenced For Treason

When they emerge from the Bevelle Temple, they are captured and taken for sentencing by Maester Mika. Yuna tries to plead her case, but Mika isn't interested and brands her a traitor of Yevon. As punishment, she is to be thrown in the Via Purifico, where she will spend the rest of her days.

Yuna manages to join up with some of her friends inside, and miraculously they manage to find an exit. Unfortunately, it is blocked by a reluctant Isaaru, who tries to defeat Yuna but ultimately isn't strong enough. This allows Yuna to escape, and they head to Macalania to rest before continuing her pilgrimage. Tidus Yuna Kiss Spring

Tidus & Yuna

The group head to Macalania Forest to try and regroup, and it gives Yuna a chance to collect her thoughts. Tidus goes to talk to her and after the two share some words, Yuna starts to cry. Tidus holds her and they have a strong connection in the nearby lake which sees them kiss.

Yuna decides that she will continue with her pilgrimage and she requests that Tidus stay with her to the end; something which he gladly says he will do. They go back to the rest of the group together and Yuna informs them that she is going to continue.

Trials Of Mount Gagazet

Upon reaching Mt. Gagazet, they are greeted with hostility by former Maester Kelk Ronso. However, after seeing Yuna's resolve, even when everything is against her, he cannot bring himself to stand in her way. Biran and Yenke also promise to stop all of their pursuers.

As they head further up the Mountain, they are confronted by Seymour. Before Seymour escapes, he manages to reveal that Sin is in fact Jecht, but even though she knows this, she informs Tidus that she will still defeat Sin if she can. Yuna Fights Yunalesca

To Zanarkand

After the group completes the Cloister of Trials and enters the Chamber of the Fayth, Yuna realises that there is no Final Aeon; it's just an empty statue. Yunalesca greets them in the next room and informs Yuna that one of her guardians must sacrifice themselves to become the Final Aeon.

Yuna asks Yunalesca if Sin will come back following its defeat, to which the reply is yes. This answer sparks Yuna's emotions and she states that nobody will become the Final Aeon as it's a false tradition that should be thrown away.

She talks about how her father sacrificed himself to give the people hope, but that her father wanted to make Spira's sorrow go away, not to just cover it up with lies. She cannot continue to live with false hope anymore.

Hearing these words, Yunalesca realises that she must annihilate them or the traditions will be broken, but she is defeated and with her, so does the ability to use the Final Aeon.

Defeating Sin Once And For All

Yuna goes to talk to the Fayth for guidance on what to do next and after this, they devise a plan to defeat Sin. They plan to fight Yu Yevon and use the Aeons to lure him out. When he has no place left to jump, they will defeat him completely.

They enter through Sin's mouth and are confronted by Seymour. However, this time following his defeat he has nowhere to run and is sent, ending his life. They then make their way to where Jecht is situated, fight him and defeat him. Jecht refuses to be sent following the fight as there is no time, they must defeat Yu Yevon.

Yu Yevon joins with Yuna's Aeons one after another until none remain. Following this, he is defeated and Yuna sends Auron. Tidus Yuna Fahrenheit

I Love You

The party regroups on the deck of the Airship and Tidus turns to Yuna. He tells her that he has to go, which causes her to run and try to hug him. Unfortunately, the Fayth's dream is already starting to fade and she runs right through him. He wraps his arms around her and she says she loves him. After this, Tidus runs off the side of the ship.

Yuna spends some time whistling at an empty dock, hoping that Tidus will whistle back, but eventually Lulu has to drag her away so she can give a speech to the whole of Spira. She ends by saying that we should never forget the ones we've lost or the dreams that have faded.

Final Fantasy X-2

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Hedy Burress
Age: 19

Yuna's quest in Final Fantasy X-2 all began when she saw a sphere which she believed contains Tidus. In the hope of finding more spheres of a similar nature, she joined the Gullwings and became a Sphere Hunter.

Their first quest takes place on Mt. Gagazet, as they have reports that a sphere is somewhere near the summit. They aren't the only ones who received such a report though, as LeBlanc and her gang are also hunting. Unfortunately, the sphere doesn't contain anything of substance, but they look forward to their next trip.

Yuna Tromell Maclania

Travelling The World

Yuna spends a lot of time travelling around Spira recalling her past experiences and meeting some friendly faces. She meets Lucil and Clasko at the Youth League headquarters, and meets Gippal for the first time at Djose Temple.

She visits Wakka and Lulu in Besaid, where she also manages to find a new sphere and in the Macalania Woods, she meets Tromell, who tells her about the downfall of the Guado.

Reports Of An Awesome Sphere

Shinra receives reports about an "Awesome Sphere" that has surfaced in Kilika and this instantly becomes their next port of call. Despite competition from Dona, the Gullwings manage to salvage the Sphere and head back to the Celsius.

The sphere again contains the individual that looks like Tidus and it makes her wonder whether it is actually him, or someone who just looks like him. Lenne is also seen alongside "Tidus" in the sphere.

Yuna gets jealous and mad, so decides to go to bed. She dreams that she is with Tidus, but they're running from some soldiers. Eventually they are caught and they are both shot dead, causing Yuna to wake with a start.

Yuna Defend Spira

Infiltrating LeBlanc's Headquarters

After finding that LeBlanc has stolen a broken sphere that they salvaged, Yuna decides that they should retrieve it. After doing so, it reveals Vegnagun, which is a powerful Machina that is going to threaten peace on Spira.

LeBlanc informs Yuna of Nooj's plan and says that they will now be working together. They head to Bevelle, as that is where the sphere appears to have been recorded. When they arrive they're greeted by a Machina security system and then Baralai, who tries to stop them from getting to Vegnagun.

They then have to fight Bahamut, against Yuna's wishes. It was the Dark form of Bahamut and after it is defeated, Yuna is very sad, but realises she had no choice. As they progress they find that Vegnagun is missing and Yuna feels that the Eternal Calm is slipping away.

Fields Out Of Control

As they leave Bevelle, Shinra picks up reports that fiends are pouring out of the temples across Spira, and more importantly Besaid. Yuna goes to help, but ends up having to defeat Valefor inside the Chamber of the Fayth.

Following this, they head back to Bevelle where they find the supposedly missing Nooj and Baralai, who are arguing with each other alongside Gippal. As it escalates, Paine intervenes and it is disclosed that she knows them.

The Farplane

After fighting Ixion in Djose, Yuna is sent falling into a giant hole. She wakes in the Farplane wearing her Songstress outfit. It is here that she sees the man that resembled Tidus, but he seems to think that Yuna is someone called Lenne.

Her encounter with Shuyin is cut short by Nooj, as Shuyin turns into Baralai. They tell Yuna that they've known Paine for a long time and Yuna points out that everywhere she looks, she only has questions. Yuna Tidus

1,000 Words, Have Never Been Spoken

With its leaders missing, Spira was descending into chaos. Yuna decides that it's up to her to alter this, and with Tobli's help, organises a concert in the Thunder Plains.

Yuna sings Lenne's emotions, a song called 1,000 words. During the song, visions of Shuyin and Lenne being shot by soldiers are shown on a big screen via Yuna's conscience and after the song finishes, Yuna collapses in tears.

Meeting With Shuyin

After learing more about Lenne, Yuna decides that she will try to talk to Shuyin and stop him from using Vegnagun. She hopes to be able to show him how Lenne felt. She heads to the Farplane again and has to fight more Dark Aeons on the way.

When they arrive, they find that Shuyin has taken over Baralai and Nooj is planning a risky attempt to stop him which involves taking his own life. Yuna is against the idea though and recalls how she had to sacrifice those dear to her in order to beat Sin; she doesn't want that to happen again.

You're Not Lenne!

As they approach Shuyin, Yuna engages in conversation. She tells Shuyin that she loves him and that she is grateful he stayed with her until the end. As the two get closer, Shuyin realises that it isn't really Lenne and fights Yuna.

After Shuyin is defeated, Lenne appears and thanks Yuna for freeing Shuyin. The two embrace and gradually fade away, finally being able to rest in peace together. Yuna Tidus

Are You Real?

As Yuna is leaving the Farplane, a Fayth talks to her about her feelings for Tidus and comments about how it could be possible for him to return. Shortly after, Tidus reappears in Spira and it is believed that Yuna's love for him was the factor which enabled him to return.

Tidus states that as long as Yuna loves him, he'll never disappear again. She proves her love by pushing him over and noting that he hasn't disappeared yet.