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Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie Kisaragi

Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 16

Yuffie Kisaragi is a mystery ninja from the land of Wutai who can be acquired as an optional playable character in Final Fantasy VII. She can first be gained through a random battle encounter in the nearby forest when the party nears Junon for the first time.

Upon encountering Yuffie and defeating her, Cloud gets involved in a question and answer game. When the right answers are given, Yuffie ends up joining the party. Although her agenda isn't necessarily clear as she instantly appears to be plotting something.

Supreme Materia Hunter

When the party venture to Wutai, Yuffie deceives them and steals all their Materia. This leads to a wild chase through Wutai taking place, which has a few key moments.

When Yuffie hides in Godo's house, he informs them that he's never heard of Yuffie before and that they should leave in case ShinRa show up. This statement causes Yuffie to blow her cover, as she can't stand back and let her father act like a coward. Godo replies by saying that Yuffie is a useless miserable fighter, to which Yuffie informs Godo that he is a sad excuse for a father.

After she has finished exchanging pleasantries with Godo, Yuffie then manages to steal even more Materia, but they eventually catch up with her at Turtle's Paradise.

Yuffie Traps The Party

Wutai - Once A Proud Nation

After being cornered, Yuffie admits she was wrong and promises to give back all the Materia she stole. She seems upset about what has become of Wutai since they were defeated in a war with ShinRa.

While Wutai gained peace, they lost the essence of what made them unique and she bemoans the fact that Wutai has become more of a tourist town than anything she can truly be proud of. Yuffie then tells them that she needs to steal Materia so that she can make Wutai a strong town once again.

However, she manages to trick Cloud again and manages to run off and keeps hold of all of the Materia she originally stole!

Captured By Don Corneo

Still running away from Cloud, Yuffie eventually ends up with more than she bargained for. After going through a secret door, she runs straight into the hands of Don Corneo, who happily kidnaps her.

After deciding that they need to save Yuffie in order to get their Materia back, the party head to the Da-Chao statue that's just outside Wutai. They find Yuffie tied up alongside Elena, with Don Corneo threatening to let them fall to their deaths.

They are both rescued though, and Yuffie reluctantly gives back all of the Materia she stole, but she puts it back in all the wrong places. She is then heard muttering "next time..." under her breath.

Yuffie Wutai Pagoda

Challenging The Pagoda

Before leaving Wutai to continue with their quest, Yuffie decides to challenge the might of the Wutai Pagoda, which houses Wutai's top fighters. Every level increases in difficulty, with the best fighter at the top.

Without too many problems, Yuffie defeats Gorky, Shake, Staniv and Chekhov to set up an encounter with her father, Godo. After a hard-fought battle, Yuffie finally emerges victorious and even she has to commend her father's fighting abilities.

Godo rewards her with Leviathan, and Staniv informs her that she must now take over at the top level of the Pagoda. Yuffie informs them that this is a stupid tradition, and that Da-Chao and Leviathan are ashamed that they don't use the power they have.

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

Reflecting on Yuffie's comments, Godo informs her that utilising power isn't the only way to defeat an enemy. He didn't want Wutai to be seen in the same light as ShinRa.

Godo then asks Yuffie to go along with Cloud on his quest, as he has qualities that he can relate to and admire. Yuffie agrees to his request and is instrumental in helping Barret and Tifa escape their executions, as well as helping Cloud to defeat Sephiroth.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Mae Whitman
Age: 19

As Yuffie was an optional character in Final Fantasy VII, she was omitted from the cutscene at the end of the game. Dirge of Cerberus rectifies this by showing her evacuating citizens from Midgar as Meteor is approaching the city.

She scans the Sister Ray at the request of Vincent for any signs of life just in case they missed anyone and the scan says that one person is alive. Before she can say anything, Vincent informs her that he's going up there and hangs up on her.

Yuffie has a bad feeling, so she goes to investigate as well. She takes a hover bike and gets there just in time to save Vincent before escaping from the city.

I've Got Your Back

Three years after those events, Yuffie is now a member of the World Regenesis Organisation along with Cid Highwind and Reeve Tuesti. By chance, she comes to the assistance of Vincent once again, after Vincent heads to the ShinRa mansion in Nibelheim.

Rosso confronts Vincent and almost kills him, but Yuffie saves him from certain death. Vincent doesn't seem overly thankful though and doesn't show any concern when Yuffie hurts herself in the truck on the way home, so she seems rather perturbed.

Yuffie Midgar Shera

Assault On Midgar

For the assault on Midgar, Yuffie teams up with Vincent and Cid onboard the Shera, even though she is still having problems with her travel sickness. Before the assault though, she learns that DeepGround have also attacked Wutai. Godo and the Wusheng had managed to fight them off though.

Angry at their actions, Yuffie claims she could take DeepGround down with one hand tied behind her back. Unfortunately though, her travel sickness gets the better of her and she is cut short during her showing off.

When the assault on Midgar actually happens, Yuffie is one of the first to jump out on a hoverboard. She later meets up with Vincent while he is infiltrating DeepGround.

And I've Got Yours Too

When Vincent gets deeper into DeepGround, Yuffie joins up with him. Vincent tells her to shut down the reactor, which she does before rejoining him for the fight with Weiss.

While Vincent hadn't shown much concern for Yuffie previously in the game, he suddenly becomes very protective of her. The first instance of this is when Nero engulfs Yuffie in Darkness and Vincent manages to pull her back.

The second is after Weiss is defeated and energy starts blast out everywhere. A beam strays towards Yuffie and Vincent pushes her out of the way to safety, but gets struck by the beam himself.

The Final Moments

After the reactors have been destroyed, Yuffie is seen with the rest of the group on the ground. She shouts up to Vincent before he engages Omega.

Yuffie is also seen in the last sequence in the game, where she is sitting in the 7th Heaven bar with Tifa. Vincent hadn't been seen since Omega was defeated and she is wondering where he is.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Christy Carlson Romano
Age: 18

Yuffie Kisaragi's role in Advent Children is relatively minor. Her cameo revolves about the fight against Bahamut SIN as she originally arrives in Edge onboard Cid's airship - the Shera.

When she lands on the ground after parachuting down, she is still showing signs of her motion sickness, but manages to help her comrades defeat Bahamut SIN nonetheless. She also manages to salvage all of Cloud's stolen Materia and returns them to him.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: N/A
Age: Sep-15

When Yuffie appears in Crisis Core, she is only a kid. However, conversely, her feisty nature is even more apparent and during her first encounter with Zack, she calls him ugly.

Yuffie Confronts Zack After claiming to be the strongest warrior in Wutai, Zack tells her to go home. This makes Yuffie angry and she tries to attack Zack. Zack then fakes defeat and Yuffie runs off feeling smug about herself, as she thinks she is victorious.

The Treasure Princess

Yuffie's later encounters with Zack are far more entertaining, as she starts her quest to restore the power of Wutai by stealing Materia. She communicates with him via e-mail and even phone and initially calls herself the "Treasure Princess". She usually manages to entice Zack into finding a rare treasure through various guises.

Once Zack has found the treasure, she adopts numerous tactics to steal it from him, such as calling for help when she isn't in trouble and calling his phone. Sometimes though, she actually gives the treasure to Zack. In the case of Bahamut Fury, she gives the Materia to Zack because she doesn't know how to use it.

At the end of each mission segment, Zack cottons on to her games. When he wises up and attempts to question her though, Yuffie realises that she's going to lose and she ends up crying and running away.

Yuffie claims that she got all her information from listening in on AVALANCHE meetings, and she obtained all of the e-mail addresses from an anonymous blonde haired man, who is speculated to either be Rufus Shinra or Lazard Deusericus.