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Yenke Ronso

Yenke Ronso

Final Fantasy X

Minor Character

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Little is known about Yenke Ronso's past prior to Final Fantasy X, but he is a close friend of Biran Ronso. Due to Biran's status as a great hero among the Ronso, Yenke is proud to be associated with him and often echoes his comments.

He is often seen following close to Biran and whenever he taunts Kimahri, it's usually after Biran has just done the some thing. Hornless appears to be his favourite insult, but he also mocks Kimahri's height.

Fight On Mt. Gagazet

After Biran blocks Kimahri's path through Mount Gagazet, Yenke joins Biran in a fight against him. However, even though the odds were heavily against him, Kimahri manages to defeat both of them.

As a show of respect, Yenke promises to fight off all those who try to follow, and he dies doing so at the hand of Seymour Guado.