World of Final Fantasy Characters

Although we're expecting plenty of unique World of Final Fantasy characters, don't be surprised to see lots of familiar faces cropping up too as you play through the experience.

We already know that Reynn and Lann will be joined by characters such as Cloud, Squall, Yuna and Lightning. Oh and Sherlotta from Crystal Chronicles!

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Main Characters

Reynn is joined by her twin brother Lann as the main protagonists of World of Final Fantasy. They both have mysterious powers and they learn how to control.



Minor Characters

We don't know too much about the supporting cast at this stage, but we do know Tama will be there to guide Reynn and Lann through their journey. Oh, and they'll be aided by legendary Final Fantasy characters too.

Enna Kros


Other Characters

Cloud Strife

Faris Scherwiz


Princess Sarah

Quistis Trepe


Squall Leonhart

Warrior of Light