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Wen Kinoc

Wen Kinoc

Final Fantasy X

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Roger L. Jackson
Age: N/A

Wen Kinoc, or Maester Wen Kinoc is the commander of Bevelle's military forces and a former friend of Auron. He was once a Warrior Monk himself, which is why he was given the duty of commanding the army and it was during this time that he knew Auron.

Kinoc always looked up to Auron, but when Auron fell out with the clergy, Kinoc quickly stepped in and took his place. It was this promotion that enabled Kinoc to slowly rise the ranks and achieve his position of Maester.

Operation Mi'ihen

Wen Kinoc was one of the individuals behind Operation Mi'ihen, which saw great losses to both the Crusaders and the Al Bhed. He saw it as an opportunity to reduce the number of dissenters amongst the citizens of Spira and as an example of those who go against Yevon's teachings.

The operation was a success with regards to these terms, but they failed to defeat Sin, so it was also a failure. Kinoc remained happy though and as a bonus, he was also reunited with Auron; even though his feeling of admiration was no longer present.

Relieved Of His Ultimate Fear

Although Wec Kinoc had immense power, the thing he feared more than anything was losing that power. He spent a lot of his time trying to scope out plots to kill him and his insecurities were very apparant to the other Maesters.

After Yuna's escape from the Via Purifico, Kinoc escorted Seymour Guado to try and apprehend them. It was here that something he didn't expect happened; Seymour killed him. He then absorbed Kinoc's pyreflies and used them to transform into Seymour Natus.

Final Fantasy X-2


Voice Actor: Roger L. Jackson
Age: N/A

Kinoc's appearances in Final Fantasy X-2 are fairly limited, but he does have a fundamental role in the story. This is because it was his decision to set up the Crimson Squad, which is disclosed during one of the Crimson Spheres.

He also appears as an unsent inside the Via Purifico and takes the form of a giant crab.