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Weiss The Immaculate

Weiss The Immaculate

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: David Boat
Age: N/A

Weiss the Immaculate is the leader of an elite group of soldiers from DeepGround called the Tsviets. He is also the brother of Nero the Sable, who is the second in command of this group and has the powers of every member in the Tsviets. His name means "White" in German and his hair and clothing reflect this. He also uses dual Gunblades as his weapon of choice.

Although Weiss is seen relatively near the beginning of the game making an announcement to the world, Hojo has actually gained of his consciousness, meaning that these aren't actually the actions of Weiss. Weiss Restrictor

Battling Against The Restrictors

During the online section of Dirge of Cerberus, we learn about how Weiss defeated The Restrictors. The Restrictor placed a chip inside the heads of the soldiers within DeepGround so that they could not rebel, but Weiss wishes to test himself against him.

The Restrictor doesn't grant his request, but instead forces him to fight against Azul and Rosso. Weiss defeats them easily and defeats their more powerful forums too. However, as he is unable to attack the Restrictor, he orders the player to do so instead.

After the player defeats the Restrictor, Weiss' mind control effects wear off and he kills the Restrictor - meaning that he is now the leader of DeepGround.

A Parting Gift

The Restrictors had theorised that Weiss would eventually defeat them, so they planned for this outcome. If their life-signals disappeared, it would trigger a deadly virus inside Weiss that would kill him within three days. It is because of this that Hojo is able to seize control of Weiss' mind.

As Weiss attempted a Synaptic Net Dive to try and find a cure for the virus, Hojo, who had been waiting on the Worldwide Network in a virtual form, managed to take over Weiss' mind.

Regaining Control Of His Mind

It isn't until the end of the game that Weiss finally regains control of his mind, with the help of his brother Nero. After being mortally wounded by what Nero thought was his brother, he separated himself from his body.

It was in this form that he weakened Weiss and in doing so, weakened Hojo's control over Weiss' mind. As Nero makes a desperate plea to be with his brother, Weiss grants his request and the two combine - destroying Hojo's consciousness in the process.

Omega Weiss - Back Down To Earth

After Nero and Weiss fuse, Omega Weapon is born. As Vincent Valentine travels deep inside Omega, he encounters Omega Weiss. This form of Weiss is no match for Vincent's focussed Chaos though and he is defeated.

After Omega has been destroyed, Weiss is presumed to be dead by most. However, in the secret cutscenes, he is seen being carried away by G (aka Genesis Rhapsodos).

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Weiss has a brief cameo appearance towards the end of Crisis Core with his brother Nero. After Zack Fair leaves Genesis' body resting against a chair, a helicopter lands and two men with DeepGround insignias drag his body away. One of these men is Weiss and the other is Nero.

After these events transpired Genesis was taken to DeepGround and while there, Weiss attempted to recruit him to help in their fight against the Restrictors. Unfortunately Genesis was reluctant and declined the offer - deciding to keep to himself instead