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Ward Zabac

Ward Zabac

Final Fantasy VIII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Ward was a soldier in the Galbadian Army and he fought many time times along with his two comrades in arms Laguna Loire and Kiros Seagill. He has quite formidable size and build, and his weapon reflects this as he uses a considerably large harpoon, which he throws at his enemies.

During his last mission, something happened to Ward and it made him reflect upon his life. It also led him to his decision to leave the Galbadian army. Laguna, Kiros and himself ended up in the Centra Excavation Site. Unfortunatly, at the time the Esthar army was in the process of excavating the Lunatic Pandora. When Ward and his comrades were escaping he received an injury that resulted in him being unable to speak.

From this point on he took up a janitor position at the D-District Prison. Eleven months pass, and he hears news from Laguna that Ellone has been kidnapped by Estharian Soldiers. Because of this, Ward decides it's time to fight again and he sets off with Laguna and Kiros to rescue her. They eventually rescue Ellone and defeat Sorceress Adel in the process.

When Laguna becomes President of Esthar, Ward, along with Kiros, become his advisors.