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War-chief Supinelu

War-chief Supinelu

Final Fantasy XII

Minor Character

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Supinelu is a Garif, and is first encountered by the player during their travels through the Ozmone Plains. Supinelu was initially just a Garif Warrior, until he travelled to the Zertinan Caverns to prove he was in fact stronger than his War-Chief brother Kadalu.

To prove his strength, Supinelu journeyed to the Zertinan Caverns with the aim of killing the mark Catoblepas. Many had tried to kill it before him, none had succeeded. Supinelu almost suffered the same fate, but as he was about to die, his brother rescued him. Unfortunately, he was hurt in the process and Kadalu was forced to retire as War-Chief. It was because of this that Supinelu inherited the rank and due to how he obtained the title he vows to train every day until he can slay the Catoblepas.

Supinelu later places a bill for Catoblepas on the noticeboard, and when Vaan and the others offer to help him he is surprised indeed. Vaan and the others help to slay the Catoblepas, and he regains his confidence to lead the Garif warriors again.