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Final Fantasy X

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: John DiMaggio
Age: N/A

Wakka is first introduced in Final Fantasy X after he meets Tidus on the beach at Besaid Island. He introduces himself as the captain of the Besaid Aurochs and invites him back to the village. Initially he has concerns over what Tidus tells him, but then passes it off as the effects of Sin's toxin.

Before they get there though, Wakka asks Tidus a favour. He requests that Tidus join their Blitzball team for the upcoming tournament and in return, he'll take him there to see if can find anyone he knows.

We Haven't Won A Game In 10 Years

Back at the village, Wakka explains that he's been playing Blitzball since he was 5, but that the Besaid Aurochs haven't actually won a game in 10 years. This year will be his last year in the tournament and he just wants to retire with his head held high. Tidus doesn't agree and exclaims that they're going to win the tournament!

Later, Wakka manages to introduce Tidus to the rest of the gang after he barges into the Temple of Yevon. Not everyone takes kindly to Tidus though, and Wakka has to separate Kimahri as they travel towards the S.S. Liki. Wakka Blitzball

Off To Luca

Onboard the S.S. Liki, Wakka briefly mentions to Lulu the notion that maybe Chappu isn't dead, but he just got transported somewhere else. She crushes his idea and doesn't seem amused that he's trying to think of excuses.

Lulu also shows the same lack of care about Wakka when he has to play against the Al Bhed in the first round of the Blitzball tournament without Tidus. Despite taking a huge physical beating, they still manage to win 3-2, their first win for 10 years.

Following this, the final happens and the crowd chant Wakka's name, as they know it will be his last game. After the game, Wakka says his farewells to the Aurochs and becomes a full-time Guardian for Yuna.

Hatred For The Al Bhed

Wakka has a strong hatred for the Al Bhed and it's so extreme that he refuses to stay in an Al Bhed shop. However, when they stumble upon a joint operation between the Crusaders and the Al Bhed, Wakka questions Seymour. In reply Seymour just says that he should pretend he didn't see anything, which shocks Wakka.

Lulu reveals that his hatred for the Al Bhed comes from the death of Chappu. Wakka gave him a sword to use, but he decided to use an Al Bhed machina instead, and was killed because of it. Wakka denies this is the reason though. Wakka Yunalesca

We Must Atone For Our Sins

Following the news that Rikku is actually an Al Bhed, Wakka isn't in the best of moods. His mood sours even more when they arrive at Macalania Temple and discover Seymour's plans.

Following Seymour's defeat, Wakka can't believe what he's done. He claims they should head to Bevelle and atone for their sin. It doesn't matter that Seymour was bad, they've gone against the teachings of Yevon, which isn't acceptable in his eyes.

His foundations are slightly shaken though, because as they arrive at Bevelle, he finds that they are actually using the forbidden machina. To further this, when they eventually arrive at Zanarkand and face off against Yunalesca, she reveals that the teachings of Yevon are just a cover for Sin's appearance.

Final Fantasy X-2

Minor Character

Voice Actor: John DiMaggio
Age: N/A

Following the events of Final Fantasy X, Wakka went back to Besaid Island with Lulu, where the two managed to settle their differences. As time passes, the two become quite fond of each other and decide that they should marry.

When Yuna visits Besaid Island for the first time, we find out that Lulu is actually pregnant, and that Wakka is really worried about being a dad. As a distraction, he tries to help Yuna by telling her about a Sphere he knew about, but it doesn't contain what he hoped.

Towards the end of the game, their baby is born and Wakka decides to name it Vidina. This shows that Wakka has conquered his hatred of the Al Bhed as Vidina is the Al Bhed word for Future.