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Vossler York Azelas

Vossler York Azelas

Final Fantasy XII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Nolan North
Age: N/A

At the start of Final Fantasy XII, Vossler is taking part in the counter-attack on the Nalbina Fortress, with the hopes of stopping King Raminas from signing the declaration of surrender to the Archadian forces.

However, while there, he is duped into thinking that his good friend and soldier, Basch, is responsible for killing King Ramnias, as well as the majority of their supporting forces. He managed to survive the conflict, and fled the battle, leaving the Dalmascan forces behind.

Assisting The Resistance

Following his escape from the conflict, Vossler was able to get in contact with Princess Ashe, and he joined the resistance. For the next two years, he then spent the majority of his time protecting Ashe, while also attempting to recruit Dalmascan soldiers for their cause.

One of these soldiers is eventually his old friend Basch. They are reunited in Rabanastre, and although Vossler is initially skeptical of Basch, he learns to trust his friend once again. Together, they manage to form a successful team, which enables them to escape from many tricky situations, including capture on the Dreadnought Leviathan.

Attempting To Achieve A Future For Dalmasca

Following their escape from the Leviathan, Vossler gets separated from Ashe. He manages to catch up with them before they get to the Tomb of Raithwall, and joins them as they search for the Dawn Shard.

However, upon exiting the Tomb, Vossler's plan is revealed. Everyone is captured, and Judge Ghis announces that Vossler has struck a deal with the Empire, in order to help restore Dalmasca. This isn't exactly greeted with much gratitude by either Basch or Ashe and Vossler engages the group in combat. He loses and is killed on board the Shiva, but before he dies, he entrusts Ashe's care to Basch.