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Vinzer Deling

Vinzer Deling

Final Fantasy VIII


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Vinzer Deling, the current President of Galbadia, resides in the capital aptly named Deling City. Galbadia was a rather small country, however Vinzer had great plans for it, and furnished their military with all the resources it needed. Placing General Fury Caraway in charge of the army, he set about conquering the nearby surrounding areas, including Timber.

However, they were not the only waring nation at the time as Esthar was also just as vindictive. Led by the powerful Sorceress Adel, the two clashed and it was the beginning of the Sorceress War. As Adel is set to use the Lunactic Pandora against Galbadia, Laguna Loire, who was there on other business managed to put a stop to her plans, ending the war. This allowed Galbadia to become the largest nation, all under Vinzer's rule.

Vinzer was never admired by the people, however the victory over Adel saw his popularity rise to a whole new level. This was when he chose to rename the capital after himself, and extended his presidency indefinatly. He was finally able to return to his conquests and Timber fell quite quickly despite the resistance's efforts. He also had the leaders of the resistance executed in the process.

Dollet, next on the agenda, requested the aid of SeeD to help against Vinzer's siege. However Dollet fell and he was able to gain control of the world's broadcasting service as well via the transmission tower in Dollet.

Vinzer Deling's reign was looking somewhat manipulated, when Sorceress Edea made her appearence. However, rather than choosing to simply overthrow him she befriended him. Easily manipulated, Vinzer gave into her every will and even caused him to make her the foreign ambassador. His plan was to use the Sorceress as a tool to create fear amongst those who opposed them, all the while blinded by the fact she was a threat to him.

He annoucened his alliance with the Sorceress using his new found TV Broadcasting privaledges from Timber City's TV Station. During his speech he was attacked by Seifer Almasy, but was saved when Edea managed to convince Seifer to come with her.

It soon became apparent that Vinzer had made a grave mistake in trusting Edea. Shortly after her acceptance speech she siezed control of the government and murdered President Deling.