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Vincent Valentine

Vincent Valentine

Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 57

Vincent Valentine is an optional character in Final Fantasy VII and he can first be obtained when the party venture to Nibelheim. He resides in the depths of the ShinRa mansion inside a coffin, the key to which can be obtained from a safe in one of the upper rooms of the mansion.

Following the acquisition of this key, Vincent awakens from his slumber. The first thing he does is ask them to leave as he doesn't know who they are. He also informs them that he needs to sleep to atone for his sins.

Vincent claims that the mansion is only the beginning of their nightmares, to which Cloud agrees. Vincent seems confused, so Cloud ends up telling him about the horrors that are presently taking place in the outside world. Unfortunately Vincent doesn't react positively and just seems to become even more unhappy. He tells them to leave him alone again.

Vincent Valentine Former Turk

Formely Of The Turks

Cloud refuses to leave again, and asks about Vincent. Vincent surprisingly responds and informs the group that he used to be part of the ShinRa Manufacturing Department in the Administrative Research section aka the Turks. He is quick to note that he has no affiliation with ShinRa anymore though.

Vincent responds in kind and quizzes Cloud. Upon learning that Cloud was an Ex-SOLDIER, he asks if he knew Lucrecia Crescent, Sephiroth's mother. Cloud doesn't recall anyone by that name, and Vincent explains about that his sin is not being able to stop the process of Sephiroth's birth and the experiments that took place on Lucrecia. Following this admission of information Vincent goes back to sleep, forcing the group to leave.

Before they are able to leave the ShinRa mansion, Vincent chases them down. He inquires as to whether they will meet Professor Hojo on their travels. Upon hearing what he wanted, Vincent decides to join the group.

Lucrecia...You're Alive?!

After obtaining the Submarine from ShinRa they managed to discover a hidden cave. Inside the cave, they find Lucrecia, but she tells them to stay back. It is here that we see the first glimpse of Vincent's past, as we see him getting shot in the stomach by Professor Hojo, who then performed experiments on his body. Vincent comments that the body he has been left with is his punishment for not being able to stop the experiments that Hojo and Lucrecia were planning.

When asked by Lucrecia if Sephiroth is still alive, Vincent lies to ease her suffering and tells her that Sephiroth is dead.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Steve Blum
Age: 59

Following the events of Final Fantasy VII, Vincent keeps minimal contact with his old friends. Instead, he chooses to travel around the world on his own helping out those in need.

Fortunately, he was at the Great Northern Crater to rescue Elena and Tseng after they were tortured by Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo. He helps them recover from the ordeal, but uses the opportunity to probe the pair for information about the Silver Haired Men.

Vincent Valentine Advent Children

New Appearance, New Rules

During Cloud's confrontation with the Remnants at the Forgotten Capital, Vincent comes to the assistance of Cloud who doesn't appear to be fairing too well. Vincent appears in the form of crimson mist, which seems to make him impenetrable to swords and bullets and manages to carry Cloud to safety.

He takes this time to tell Cloud the truth about Geostigma. He managed to obtain information from Tseng about its origin, and what the consequences of contracting the disease are. After enlightening Cloud, the pair returns to Edge to help their friends fight against Bahamut SIN.

Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Cheap Mobile Phone?

Following the defeat of Bahamut SIN, Vincent realises he is the only member of AVALANCHE not to have a cell phone. Feeling the inclination to keep in contact more with his old friends due to recent events, Vincent inquires as to where he can purchase one.

It is also during this time (while Cloud is fighting Kadaj) that he informs the rest of the gang about the truth behind the Silver Haired Men.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Steve Blum
Age: 60

Although the main game is set three years after the events of Final Fantasy VII, Vincent's first action in Dirge of Cerberus attempts to explain what he was doing during the time that Meteor was threatening Midgar.

He takes part in a brief sequence with Yuffie that sets the scene, as he goes up to investigate where the party defeat Professor Hojo. When he arrives, he sees Hojo's body lying still against a panel, but after a bolt of lightning strikes, Hojo has disappeared. Before he has time to investigate further though, Yuffie whisks him away to safety.

An Introduction To DeepGround

Three years later and Vincent is in Kalm Town following a message from Reeve. There are some celebrations going on, but they are cut short following an invasion by DeepGround forces. After dispatching a helicopter, Vincent makes his way to where he is supposed to meet Reeve.

It is on the way that he encounters Azul the Cerulean and Shelke the Transparent for the first time. Their meeting is cut short though, as Shelke faints and Azul has to carry her away. Promptly afterwards, Reeve arrives only to be "killed" following an ambush by DeepGround troops. It was only Cait Sith though, so after some initial concern, Vincent's cool persona re-appears.

Living Life On The Edge

After laying on some serious guilt, Reeve convinces Vincent to investigate the DeepGround activity in Edge. Upon arrival, Vincent has a slightly uneasy confrontation with Shalua Rui, who is doing her own investigating in the town. After realising that she works for the WRO though, Vincent is less concerned.

Her presence in Edge was rather fortunate though, as following a confrontation with Rosso the Crimson, Vincent collapses due to the exhaustion of changing into Chaos. Shalua manages to carry him back to the WRO headquarters so that he can regenerate.

Rosso Steals Protomateria

The ShinRa Mansion Has All The Answers

Upon arriving in the laboratory of the ShinRa Mansion, Vincent is confronted by a hologram of Lucrecia. She pre-empted his arrival there and left documents to aid in his research.

However, once Vincent attempts to leave he is confronted by Rosso the Crimson. She attacks him before he has time to react and rips the Protomateria out from inside of Vincent's body. He attempts to change into Chaos as a defence mechanism, but his body is too damaged and he collapses. Luckily, Yuffie is around to save Vincent before Rosso has time to finish him off.

Infiltrating DeepGround

After planning the assault on Midgar, Vincent's role was different. He was to infiltrate DeepGround and dispose of the threat inside. However, after leaving the Shera he lands way off course and when he reaches the central complex, he is greeted by Rosso the Crimson.

After a fierce battle, Rosso is beaten, but she doesn't give Vincent the satisfaction of finishing her. Following this, Vincent finds the entrance to DeepGround and is given a map of the complex by Cloud via Tifa.

Heading Deeper Underground

Almost as soon as Vincent enters DeepGround, he is met by Azul on the elevator downwards. Azul presents a much different challenge due to his brute strength and his ability to change into a marauding monster. Vincent is still able to overcome this obstacle though and ends up impaling Azul with his own huge cannon.

His next challenge comes in to the form of Nero the Sable, who is at Mako Reactor 00. He initially tries to envelop Vincent in the Darkness, but fails. Upon defeating Nero, he is enveloped by Darkness again. This time though, he is able to rescue Shelke, who was trapped inside the Darkness by Nero. Vincent is then joined by Yuffie and they manage to get Shelke to a regeneration tube within DeepGround.

Vincent Confronts Weiss Hojo

The Final Challenge - Or Is It?

Vincent engages Nero again shortly after, inside the chamber where Weiss is being held. Nero tries to distract Vincent by engulfing Yuffie in Darkness, but Vincent pulls her to safety and defeats Nero in combat again.

This cues the revitalisation of Weiss, who appears to have the voice of Hojo. In full command of Weiss' body, Vincent is no match and despite his attempts, he can't seem to even get near Weiss long enough to cause any damage.

With the help of Shelke, Vincent manages to focus the Chaos inside him. This enables him to clear his mind and defeat a rather surprised Hojo. Following this, Yuffie runs in and is almost hit by a stray energy beam shooting out of Weiss' body. Vincent pushes her out of the way and takes the hit instead though, showing he does care about Yuffie's welfare after all.

Unable To Escape The Past

Throughout the came, Vincent is plagued by flashbacks and visions of events that happened to him in the past. These come to a clear end just before Vincent squares off against Omega Weapon, but they divulge most of his back story.

It is through the flashbacks that Vincent understands why Lucrecia is sorry. After Vincent protested to Hojo about his horrible experiments (on Sephiroth), Hojo shoots Vincent.

Hojo decided to try and experiment on Vincent's body, but his experiments failed. However, he finds it highly amusing that Lucrecia is also experimenting on Vincent's body. In an attempt to save his life, Lucrecia uses Chaos. However, she didn't realise that Chaos would take over Vincent's body completely. She inserted the Protomateria to help him be able to keep control of himself.

She discloses that she is the one who should be sorry, not Vincent, because everything that happened was her fault.

Vincent Faces Omega Weapon

Chaos vs Omega Weapon

Now in full control of himself, Vincent utilises Chaos' full range of abilities to defeat Omega Weapon's outer shell, allowing Vincent to get inside to a majestic world.

Weiss is waiting inside, but is once against defeated by the now even more supreme Vincent. Not to be deterred though, Weiss bonds with Omega to become Omega Weiss, but even this doesn't allow him to defeat Vincent.

The battle comes to a distinct end though as Vincent uses his own body to create a huge explosion, which seems to kill both Chaos and Omega, as Vincent's keychain is seen dangling around a metal pole.

The Final Scenes

Upon defeating Omega Weapon, Vincent returns to Lucrecia's cave. He tells her that everything is ok now, as both Omega and Chaos have returned to the planet - meaning Chaos has been removed from his body. He thanks her for allowing him to survive.

When he leaves the cave, he finds Shelke outside. She informs him that everyone is waiting for him.

Dirge of Cerberus -Lost Episode- Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 60

Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode adds an extra chapter into the elements of Dirge of Cerberus. While Vincent is making his way to the ShinRa mansion to uncover the truth about his own past and the Protomateria, his helicopter is attacked by DeepGround forces.

He survives the initial encounter and makes his way towards the nearby sewers beneath the ShinRa mansion. However, while he is there he encounters even more DeepGround troops, and even a Black Widow robot.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Vincent is woken up by Verdot when the Turks are searching for the Zirconaide Materia inside the ShinRa mansion. Even though some years have passed, Verdot and Vincent knew each other when Vincent was still a Turk.

Vincent aids Verdot for a short while by fighting against AVALANCHE and giving him the Zirconaide Materia, having known of its whereabouts all along. After helping him with this task, Vincent returns to his sleep to atone for his sins.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Vincent's appearance in Crisis Core is nothing more than a cameo appearance, as he is never actually seen. When Zack Fair ventures to the ShinRa mansion in Nibelheim, he comes across multiple coffins in the basement.

After obtaining keys from nearby enemies, Zack can open the coffins. When he opens one of the coffins, he finds that there is actually a person inside! After stepping back, the coffin seals itself and cannot be opened again.