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Although his official title within ShinRa is "Head of the Department of Administrative Research", to everyone else, Verdot is the Leader of the Turks. He earnt his place for his very efficient way of achieving results, but he is known to come down hard on those who fail or underachieve.

During a mission which he himself commanded in Kalm, something went wrong. It ultimately ended with the town being burnt down and his wife was killed. He also became separated from his daughter Felicia - whom he believed was dead. Verdot also lost his arm during the operation and had to have a prosthetic one grafted. The arm actually contained Materia, which allowed him to continue peforming how he could before.

Wrongly Suspected Of Treason

Even though Verdot leads the Turks valiantly against AVALANCHE, they are ultimately out-foxed and there are rumours of a spy within ShinRa who is helping AVALANCHE with their intel. President ShinRa suspects Verdot and he is suspended from duty - with Heidegger replacing him as the leader of the Turks.

After seeing how incompetent Heidegger is, Verdot uses all of his nous to blackmail President ShinRa into giving him his old job back. It is theorised that the subject matter of the blackmailing relates to DeepGround, which is why it is able to affect President ShinRa.

Felicia, You're Alive?

Despite all his hard work in regaining command of the Turks, Verdot learns something rather unexpected which causes him to leave ShinRa. His daughter, who he thought had died in Kalm, was actually the leader of AVALANCHE all this time. However, she is now referred to by a different name, Elfé.

Heidegger orders the Turks to capture Verdot, but such was the respect that he commanded, that they decide to help him save his daughter instead. Scarlet manages to capture him, but he is later freed by the Turks, most likely by Tseng.

Following the final confrontation with Fuhito, Tseng lies to his superiors and tells them that he has dealt with Verdot. Infact, Verdot is very much alive, but he hasn't yet re-appeared in another Final Fantasy VII game.