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Vayne Carudas Solidor

Vayne Carudas Solidor

Final Fantasy XII


Voice Actor: Elijah Alexander
Age: 27

Vayne Solidor is part of House Solidor alongside his father Gramis Solidor and his brother Larsa Solidor. He originally had two elder brothers, but he killed them in cold blood at the request of his father. He is a brilliant mastermind and the events that unfold during the early stages of Final Fantasy XII are all part of his plan.

Two years later, Vayne becomes the Consul of Rabanastre, although many of the residents aren't exactly happy about it. However, his rule is short-lived as Larsa is placed in command and Vayne is summoned back to Archades.

Confronting His Father

Upon returning to Archades, Vayne is disappointed by his father's decision. He confonts him, and Gramis explains why Larsa has been placed in charge. Vayne disagrees and explains that power is what built the Empire, and ruthlessness is what's needed, but he realises that his father has little power anymore.

Shortly after these two square off, Gramis is found dead in his throne room. Although it appears as though Chairman Gregoroth committed the offence, this isn't how things actually unfolded. However, he commits suicide and the Senators are convicted of the conspiracy, an act which makes Vayne the Emperor of Archadia.

Judge Drace suspects that Vayne is behind this scheme and attempts to arrest him. However, since Vayne is the ruler, he quashes this act and has her executed for treason. To show his sadistic nature, Vayne asks Gabranth to give the killing blow.

Proceeding With His Ultimate Plan

Now ruling the Empire, Vayne looks to proceed with his ultimate plan, becoming the new Dynast King. Dr. Cid, one of Vayne's loyal subjects, manages to use the Sun-Cryst to send mist all over Ivalice. Using his newly built fortress, Vayne sucks the mist up and uses it as the main power source for his ship.

All is going perfectly to plan until Vaan and his band manage to infiltrate the fortress and engage in combat against Vayne. Larsa joins the fight against his brother, but is wounded causing Judge Gabranth to turn on Vayne as well.

Vayne transforms into Vayne Novus when the battle is turning against him, but the combined forces of Vaan's company, Larsa and Gabranth eventually see him mortally wounded. Despite this, Vayne is still able to merge with Venat and become The Undying; one final attempt at victory. However, he is ultimately defeated and his plans disintigrate with him.