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Final Fantasy XII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Bobby Edner
Age: 17

Vaan begins his adventure while he's practising his sword skills against the local populous of rats underneath Rabanastre. He earns a living by running errands for Migelo, but Vaan has other plans; he has dreams of having an airship of his own and being a sky pirate.

Initially, Vaan is involved in a few altercations with the city watchmen, as he is trying to leave and enter Rabanastre. Migelo helps to clear the situation though, and they all head to Vayne's procession. It sickens Vaan to see people bowing before Vayne, and he hatches a plan to take back what's rightfully theirs by sneaking into the palace.

Powering Up The Crescent Stone

Although he has a plan, Vaan doesn't actually know how to execute it, so he pays a visit to Old Dalan. He informs Vaan that he needs to infuse the Crescent Stone with the power of the Sunstones and this will open up a secret passage into the palace.

After doing so, Vaan manages to ditch Penelo and gain access to the palace on his own. He then uses the Crescent Stone on the Signet Tile and this grants him access to the secret passage. Inside he finds a treasure vault, which contains a piece of magicite. However, as soon as he takes it, he is accosted by Balthier and Fran. After attempting to escape, Vaan is captured by the pair, but their getaway doesn't go to plan and they end up being grounded. Vaan Reks Galbana Lilies

Meeting Amalia For The First Time

As Vaan attempts to escape with Balthier and Fran, he spots a woman cornered by soldiers. They help her to defeat them, and introduce each other. When the magicite starts to glow, Amalia notices it and asks if he stole it. They continue on, but are eventually apprehended by the soldiers.

One of the soldiers hits Vaan causing him to sink to the floor. This causes Vaan to have a vision where Reks has brought him some Galbana Lilies. They talk, and Vaan asks if the king really did have a part in Dalmasca's fall. Reks doesn't respond.

Awakening In The Nalbina Dungeon

Vaan regains consciousness in the Nalbina Dungeon, and Vaan instantly makes himself at home by getting involved in a conflict between some Seeq prisoners. Fortunately Balthier is able to help him, and the two of them manage to recover their equipment.

They trek for a short period, before they find a Judge talking to one of the prisoners who's being held in a cage. The man turns out to be Basch fon Ronsenburg, the man that Vaan believes killed his brother. After the Judge disappears, they free him and Vaan tries to attack him. Balthier is there to stop the conflict, but Vaan's life isn't made any easier by the news that Basch will be accompanying them.

Shortly after, Vaan confronts Basch again and mentions the night where he saw Reks kill the King. Basch tries to inform him that it didn't happen that way, but Vaan doesn't want to listen and lets him know in no uncertain terms that he doesn't trust him. I'm Captain Basch

The Search For Penelo

Upon returning to Rabanastre, Vaan is unsure what to do with the Magicite he acquired. He decides to show it to Penelo, but she's nowhere to be found. Old Dalan asks him to take a sword to man named Azelas and in return he'll keep an eye out for anything regarding Penelo's present location. Upon delivering the sword, Vaan walks in on a conversation between Azelas and Basch. The culmination of this is that Vaan starts to believe that Basch is actually telling the truth.

When they both return, they find that Penelo has been kidnapped and taken to Bhujerba by Ba'Gamnan. Vaan gives Balthier the Magicite as payment for taking him to Bhujerba, and the Basch offers his services. They also gain the services of Lamont upon arrival and together they all manage to free Penelo from Ba'Gamnan.

Escaping From The Dreadnaught Leviathan

The group tries to attract the attention of the Marquis of Bhujerba in the hopes that he can help them find Amalia. When they do eventually manage to do so, he informs them that Penelo has left alongside Larsa, and that he has reported them as fugitives to be taken to Judge Ghis.

On board the Dreadnaught Leviathan, they find that Amalia is being held captive. She reveals her true identity during their interrogation, at which point Judge Ghis also takes the Magicite from Vaan on the condition that he doesn't execute anyone. They manage to escape from their holding cell and are reunited with Larsa and Penelo, they defeat Judge Ghis and manage to escape from the ship. Vaan Jules Old Archades

Jack Of All Trades

Vaan tries his hand at various odd jobs, including that of a diplomat during their visit to the Eruyt Village. It doesn't work too well though, as the Viera Priestess isn't impressed with his tone. He also uses his trading skills to gain information in Old Archades that helps them gain access to Archades, as well as information on how the cab service works. However, it turns out that Jules actually scammed him and gave him duff information for his money.

Acquiring The Strahl, Then Losing It

As they head off to try and resolve all the issues. Balthier warns Vaan that he might be needed to do something heroic and if that should happen, then he can have the Strahl as his own private vessel. This effectively happens, and Vaan inherits the Strahl after he fears that Balthier hasn't survived.

However, just after he and Penelo had finished tuning it, it was stolen by an unnamed assailant. This assailant turns out to be Balthier, and Vaan has to get his own airship.