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Ultimate Weapon

Ultimate Weapon

Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

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Ultimate Weapon is one of the creatures that awakens from its slumber once Sephiroth starts summoning Meteor. Its job is to destroy all life on the planet, so that it can attempt to recover should Sephiroth succeed in summoning Meteor.

Ultimate Weapon's job is to patrol the skies of Gaia and other than their initial escape from the Great Northern Crater, Ultimate is the only Weapon to be seen in the sky. The other Weapons are all based on either land or sea.

The Worst Possible Time

Ultimate Weapon is the second Weapon to be encountered, with Sapphire Weapon being the first. Unlike Sapphire though, Ultimate's attack is much more of a nuisance as it happens when the group are visiting Cloud Strife in Mideel.

Cid Highwind attempts to distract Ultimate Weapon and succeeds. He then manages to make Ultimate Weapon flee from Mideel after besting it in combat. However, after the fight Ultimate just goes back to patrolling the skies of Gaia.

What A Coward!

The remaining encounters with Ultimate Weapon are entirely optional and effectively result in a game of chase. While using the Highwind, it is possible to chase after Ultimate Weapon and initiate a skirmish with it. However, after each conflict, Ultimate turns tail and runs off somewhere.

Eventually though a final confrontation about Cosmo Canyon takes place and after all of Ultimate's HP has been depleted, it crashes into the ground and generates a huge crater, which Cid can land the Highwind in. Cloud obtain's his ultimate weapon - Ultima Weapon - as a direct result of beating Ultimate Weapon.