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Two Guns (Male)

Two Guns (Male)

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

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Two Guns (Male) is from the poor regions of the Midgar slums and is actually a former bodyguard of Don Corneo. The underworld of Midgar became a heavily political affair and Two Guns got fed-up with the constant power struggles. When he was offered a chance to join the Turks, he jumped at the chance as a way to escape.

Two Guns was offered a place in the Turks due to his exceptional skills with two guns. He can use both guns rapidly with blinding accuracy, a talent which the Turks deemed exceedingly useful.

Style Of Work

Due to Two Gun's upbringing, his style is very unorthodox. He often uses a thug-like approach when dealing with problems and this often leads in him failing to fulfill the objectives of the mission.