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Final Fantasy VII


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Tseng is the leader of the Turks and his first appearance comes during the collapse of the Sector 7 plate. He endears himself to players perfectly as he takes the opportunity to kidnap Aeris while she was taking Marlene Wallace to safety.

When he arrives to pick-up Reno at the plate, he seems to take some pleasure in informing Barret that only ShinRa can disarm the emergency plate release system and jokingly suggests they don't have enough time to escape.

She Will Learn Soon Enough

As the group make their way through the Mythril Cave, Tseng confronts them by chance with Rude and the newly recruited Elena. The meeting is brief as neither side wants a conflict, but Elena still manages to divulge some crucial information - something which Tseng quickly points out is not good for their line of work.

Tseng is again disappointed while talking to Scarlet in Gongaga. She is heard talking about the increased Weapons Development budget due to Hojo's resignation and she also implies that Heidegger is incompetent and stupid. Something which Tseng knows only too well, as Heidegger is in charge of the Turks. Tseng Temple Ancients

Interesting Developments

After using Cait Sith as a spy, Tseng obtains the Keystone and makes his way to the Temple of the Ancients with Elena. After making their way to the main room, Tseng sends Elena to report to the President about their findings.

Shortly afterwards, Sephiroth arrives. He tells Tseng his plans regarding the planet and following a brief conversation proceeds to stab him with his Masamune.

Cloud finds Tseng wounded outside the Temple of the Ancients. Tseng explained what happened with Sephiroth and explains that the President was wrong. He hands them the Keystone and tells them to use it to go inside. Many presumed that Tseng then died following this scene, but his presence in Advent Children suggests otherwise.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Minor Character

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Tseng appears in Advent Children despite the seemingly mortal wound he gained during Final Fantasy VII at the Temple of the Ancients. This is theorised to be because Verdot gave him a Full Cure Materia, which he potentially used.

During the opening scenes, Tseng is seen with Elena at the Great Northern Crater. They are there to retrieve the remains of Jenova, but during their investigation they're attacked by the Silver Haired Men. Despite this though, they still manage to extract the specimen before they're captured.

Completely Dependable

Following his capture, Tseng is tortured by the Silver Haired Men. He divulges no information though and is eventually rescued by Vincent Valentine of all people. Vincent helps Tseng to regain his strength, in exchange for information about the Silver Haired Men.

Near the end of the film, when Rufus is engaging with Kadaj for the second time, Rufus falls off the side of a building. It looks as though Rufus is going to fall to his death, but out of the blue, Tseng appears with Elena to rescue Rufus by creating a safety net for him to fall on.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


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Tseng Before Crisis Tseng's role in Before Crisis is actually quite important, as he is the field leader of the Turks - underneath Verdot. This means that he is responsible for giving the player their objectives that they need to complete in each episode.

When he is on actual missions, Tseng often lets emotions get the better of him, which isn't exactly ideal for a Turk. Verdot makes it his primary objective to hone Tseng's skills in order to make him more of a complete leader.

Leading The Renegades

When the Turks turn their back on ShinRa in order to help their estranged leader Verdot, Tseng is the one who leads them. Their mission is to try and find the four support Materia which are necessary to save the life of Verdot's daughter.

It is during this time that Tseng receives information from Rufus Shinra about the activities of AVALANCHE. This is all a convenient ploy by Rufus though, as he is also supplying AVALANCHE with information about the Turks.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Ryun Yu
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Tseng travels to Banora during Act 3, accompanied by Zack after Sephiroth refused to go. During the mission, he reveals some background information to Zack about the pasts of both Angeal and Genesis.

While they are investigating the town for clues as to what's been going on, they stumble upon some strange looking machines. Tseng reveals that they were stolen from the ShinRa Science Department and have the capability to clone individuals. He then inspects a grave nearby Genesis' house to see if it contains his parents.

After gaining access to the nearby base of operations, Tseng tries to access information from a computer. Genesis arrives though and knocks Tseng out with a Fire based spell. Tseng is briefly knocked out, but quickly catches up to Zack and manages to escape the town before it is bombed.

Off To Modeoheim

After a brief and awkward encounter outside Aerith's Church, Tseng informs Zack that they are heading to Modeoheim. On the way, their helicopter is attacked, but everyone appears to be ok following the crash. Tseng leaves Zack and Cloud to navigate as they're country boys.

After splitting up to avoid conflicts, Zack later discovers the unconscious pair of Cloud and Tseng. Tseng informs Zack that they were attacked by Angeal and there was nothing they could do. Tseng Zack Aeris

Look After Her For Me, Please

As Zack receives word about his mission in Nibelheim, he goes to visit Aerith. During this time, Zack speaks to Tseng about his mission and asks Tseng to look after her as he's the only person he can depend on.

During the four years that passed, Aerith gives 88 letters to Tseng. These were supposed to be delivered to Zack, but he has been stuck with them all this time. When the ShinRa army is told to kill Zack, Tseng makes it a priority for the Turks to save Zack's life - joking that he has 88 letters he needs to deliver. Unfortunately, they are unable to do so and Zack is killed at the hands of the ShinRa army.