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Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart

Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 20

The first time Tifa Lockhart is encountered in Final Fantasy VII, we find that she is running a bar called the "7th Heaven" in the Sector 7 slums. We also find out that she is part of a resistance group called AVALANCHE and that she is the one who convinced Cloud Strife to join their cause.

Following the success of AVALANCHE's raid on the No. 1 Mako Reactor, Tifa is annoyed that she couldn't take part and is anxious to get her hands dirty. She manages to convince Barret that she should come along for the next mission, which is an assault on the No. 5 Mako Reactor. Tifa Don Corneo

Whatever It Takes

After AVALANCHE's assault on the No. 5 Mako Reactor, the group hears rumours that ShinRa is planning to retaliate. They then decide that Don Corneo is a likely source of information, so Tifa tries to infiltrate his mansion under the disguise of a hooker. She is unaware that Cloud has spotted her though and they later meet up inside the mansion.

Don Corneo's information speaks of a terrible act, as they learn ShinRa are going to destroy Sector 7 completely! They try to get back to stop their plans, but are too late. Tifa then decides to help Cloud save Aeris from ShinRa tower and after some small setbacks they manage to escape to Kalm.

A Troubled Past

During the course of the game, we learn more and more about Tifa's past. Her relationship with Cloud had always been a mixed one, even though they grew up together in the same town.

At a young age Tifa lost her mother, and she believed her spirit had gone up into Mt. Nibel. She took her three closest friends to investigate, but they all abandoned her, which left her with Cloud. While trying to save her, they both got hurt, but Tifa was more seriously hurt than Cloud and her father blamed him for everything.

Tifa Zack Sephiroth Nibelheim Photo When she was fourteen, Cloud told her that he wanted to go to Midgar to join SOLDIER. He disclosed that not only did he want to become strong so that he could protect her, but he also wanted to impress her. She told him to achieve his dreams and Cloud left shortly after.

During Zack and Sephiroth's visit, Tifa acted as their guide through Mt. Nibel to the Nibelheim Mako Reactor. However, during their stay there, Sephiroth burnt down the village and killed Tifa's father; her only remaining relative.

Filled with rage, Tifa confronted Sephiroth, but he easily disarmed her and she was left critically wounded. Had it not been for Cloud's courage, she would surely have perished, but Cloud's actions allowed for Zangan to save her and train her as a martial artist.

You're Charged With High Treason

Tifa follows Cloud to confront Sephiroth at the Northern Crater, but after Cloud hands Sephiroth the Black Materia she is arrested by the Turks and held on trial in Junon for High Treason against the state alongside Barret.

Scarlet is supervising the execution, but Sapphire Weapon attacks Junon and breaks open a hole in the wall allowing Tifa to escape the gas chamber. She is confronted by Scarlet on the Sister Ray and they proceed to have an old fashioned slapping contest. Tifa wins though and manages to escape on the Highwind.

Tifa Cloud Lifestream

Helping Cloud Discover The Truth

When the party goes to Mideel, Tifa finds Cloud in a terrible state. He is in a wheel chair and cannot speak so Tifa takes it upon herself to try and revive Cloud's consciousness. However, when Ultimate Weapon attacks, Mideel has an earthquake and while trying to escape with Cloud, they both fall into the Lifestream.

It is here that Tifa finally understands why Cloud knew the things he did about what happened in Nibelheim and she learns that Cloud had defeated Sephiroth and in-turn had probably saved her life.

Afterwards, Tifa assaults the Great Northern Crater with Cloud and helps him to defeat Sephiroth.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Rachel Leigh Cook
Age: 22

Following on from the events of Final Fantasy VII, Tifa moves to Edge with Cloud and sets up a new bar. Alongside that, she also assists Cloud in the setting up of his new courier delivery service and helps take care of Denzel and Marlene Wallace when Barret isn't around.

When Cloud disappears, Tifa gets extremely worried and tries to contact him numerous times. He never answers her calls though and she fears for his safety. Following on from a call she receives from Reno, she leaves a message on his phone in the hopes that he will read it.

Tifa Fights Against Loz

Good, But Not Good Enough

Shortly after, Tifa is confronted in the Church by Loz, who is intent on stealing Cloud's supply of Materia and taking Marlene. Being the strong knuckle-brain of the trio, Tifa has her work cut out and she fights admirably. However, she is ultimately overpowered by Loz and is defeated, allowing him to take the Materia and kidnap Marlene.

After she recovers from the fight, Tifa helps her old comrades in the fight against Bahamut SIN, which proves much more successful than her previous encounter in the film.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 15

Tifa's role in Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis revolves around Nibelheim. She is first seen when The Turks go to investigate a number of mysterious disappearances that have been occurring around the Mako Reactor stationed in Mt. Nibel.

This leads to Zack, Sephiroth and an anonymous Cloud going to Nibelheim. Following this Sephiroth burns down Nibelheim as a result of what he sees in the reactor. Tifa is injured by Sephiroth, but is rescued and hidden by Zangan before ShinRa clean-up the "incident".

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Rachel Leigh Cook
Age: 15

When Tifa finds out that SOLDIER are coming to Nibelheim, she assumes that Cloud will be with them. So, when they arrive, she offers to be their guide to the reactor only to find that Cloud isn't with them. She frequently asks Zack if there is anyone in SOLDIER with blonde hair, but he tells her he doesn't know any - not realising that she is asking about Cloud.

Tifa Ask Zack About Cloud Despite warnings from Zack about it being too dangerous for her, she decides to continue being their guide through Mt. Nibel. As Zack warned, there are numerous encounters along the way which could have threatened her safety; all of which were dealt with by one of the normal ShinRa soldiers, who seemed very protective of her.

After being denied entry to the Mako Reactor numerous times by the same soldier, they are attacked by a swarm of monsters. He does his best to protect her, but is ultimately overwhelmed and when Zack comes out, Tifa tells him what happened. With Zack's assistance, the two of them manage to get him back to Nibelheim where he can rest.

Cloud Tifa Mako Reactor

Filled With Rage

When Sephiroth burns down the village, Tifa goes to the reactor in pursuit of her father, who had gone to confront Sephiroth. However, Sephiroth severely wounds her and when Zack comes to her aid, she tells him that she hates him, SOLDIER and ShinRa. By the time Cloud gets there she is unconscious, and after he initially thinks he has defeated Sephiroth, tends to Tifa. Ultimately his efforts allow her to be rescued before Professor Hojo arrives.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Rachel Leigh Cook
Age: 23

Tifa has a relatively minor role in Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. After receiving a call from the World Regenesis Organisation, she leads the ground assault on Midgar alongside Barret. During the fight, she also gives Vincent a map of the ShinRa building via Cloud.

Following the arrival of Omega Weapon, Tifa, alongside Barret, helps to deactivate one of the Mako Reactors that surrounds the once great city of Midgar.

In the final cutscene, she is seen sitting in her bar (7th Heaven) with Yuffie, discussing the recent disappearance of Vincent after he had defeated Omega Weapon.