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Final Fantasy X

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: James Arnold Taylor
Age: 17

Tidus' story starts in a place called Zanarkand, where he is the star blitzball player for the Zanarkand Abes. However, while playing in a routine game, Zanarkand is attacked by a huge creature and the Blitzball stadium is destroyed, leaving Tidus with nowhere to go but down.

When he recovers, he spots a familiar face - Auron. The two quickly head off down the highway and Tidus receives his first sword, which Auron notes is a gift from Jecht, Tidus' father. After they cut through some Sin Spawn, they appear to be right next to the huge creature and after Auron appears to speak to it, he proclaims to Tidus that this is his story, before Tidus is sucked into the creature.

Out Of The Frying Pan

As Tidus awakens, he finds himself on a small desolate island and after some fun encounters; he finds some shelter and manages to make a fire. He falls asleep, has a flashback and has a rude awakening when a monster scales the walls of the room Tidus is in, and jumps down to square off.

Just as it does, the room's door is blown off and some people come to Tidus' assistance. Unfortunately the love affair doesn't last for long and after realising they speak a foreign language, the girl knocks him out. The girl turns out to be Rikku, and after the two talk, Rikku thinks that Sin's toxins have played with Tidus' mind. Tidus Sphere Shot

Star Player For The Zanarkand Abes

After being swept off the boat by Sin, Tidus awakens this time as a blitzball smacks him in the face - now they're talking his language! Tidus wastes little time in showing off his moves and performs his famous Sphere Shot to wow his small audience on the nearby beach.

He is greeted with praise when he swims ashore, and he is asked who he plays for. Tidus instantly says the Zanakand Abes with pride, only to be met with confused looks. He digs himself out of a hole by mentioning that he got too close to Sin – which they seem to accept. The leader then introduces himself as Wakka, captain of the Besaid Aurochs and invites him back to their village for some food.

The Precepts Must Be Obeyed!

While in the village, Tidus – not understanding Spira's laws - takes it upon himself to enter the Cloister of Trials; something which is forbidden by the law of Yevon. He felt that the Summoner was in trouble, but didn't realise the nature of the trials.

Upon entering the section outside the Chamber of the Fayth Wakka explains to Tidus that only Summoners and guardians are allowed to enter the Cloister of Trials. However, while they're talking Yuna, the Summoner, appears from the Chamber of the Fayth a fully fledged Summoner. Tidus Yuna SS Liki

You Knew Jecht?

Aboard the S.S. Liki, Tidus has the chance to talk to Yuna some more. She talks about her father – High Summoner Braska – and enquires about Zanarkand. The most interesting topic of conversation happens when she talks about a man she also knew from Zanarkand – Jecht. Although Tidus tries to suggest it isn't the same person, the time of his disappearance from Zanarkand and reappearance in Spira is the same.

Following events in Kilika, Tidus tries to banish some of his demons and learns the Jecht Shot Mk III – his father's famous move. Wakka sees the amazing shot and asks for a second viewing.

Becoming A Guardian

Following the Blitzball final and Auron's appearance, he talks to Tidus in private. Tidus is informed that Auron used to be a Guardian alongside Jecht, which confirms that Jecht was indeed in Spira. However, Auron also reveals that Jecht is no longer alive, as he has become Sin, which Tidus refuses to believe.

Following this new information, Auron offers his services to Yuna, but only on one condition; Tidus has to become a Guardian too. Yuna gladly accepts the proposal, and they head off towards the temple in Djose.Tidus Luzzu Operation Mi'ihen

Coming Face To Face With Sin

After the failure of Operation Mi'ihen, Tidus wakes up on the beach, with Sin looking at him from the shore. Although he chases as fast as he can, he cannot catch up and ends back on the beach again after passing out. Auron mentions that he shouldn't tell Yuna that Jecht is Sin, as she would separate herself from him.

Tidus claims that Auron should have been more thoughtful about his feelings. Auron simply points out that he was going to find out sooner or later, and it was better that it happened at a non-critical time. He also mentions that he heard Tidus was a bit of a cry-baby.

Visiting The Farplane

While the group are in Guadosalam, Tidus is forced to contemplate his own feelings as Seymour reveals he has proposed to Yuna. Tidus appears extremely jealous and is somewhat upset that Yuna appears to actually be considering Seymour's offer.

A trip to the famous Farplane helps him to momentarily forget though, as while Jecht doesn't appear, Tidus' mother does. Yuna informs him that this must be because she accepted death while she was still alive, which causes Tidus to reveal while he hates his father. Tidus Jecht Sphere Macalania

Jecht Left This Here 10 Years Ago

The group head off to Macalania in search of Seymour, but en route – in the Macalania Forest - Auron makes them take a slight detour. They enter a small clearing with a large spring and are attacked by a shape-shifting fiend. However, following its defeat, a sphere is left behind.

Jecht's message was that he believed in Tidus, and while this did little to repair the damage caused, his determination and acceptance of his situation helped Tidus realises what he must do – support Yuna however he can in her fight against Sin. Before they leave, Auron tells Tidus that Jecht loved him very much, but he just didn't know how to show it.

Learning The Truth

After awakening in the Bikanel Desert, Tidus regroups with the others. They realise that Yuna is missing and Rikku leads them to "Home". It is here that Tidus learns the truth about a Summoner's pilgrimage.

Livid after finding out the truth, he can't understand why nobody told him - especially when he was saying all those positive things to Yuna. Tidus promises to Cid that he won't let Yuna die and he will find another way to defeat Sin. However, their first mission is to retrieve Yuna from Seymour's clutches.

Enduring Via Purifico

Dramatic scenes take place as the party assault Bevelle, and after Yuna is freed they head towards the Bevelle Chamber of the Fayth; home to Bahamut. Inside, Tidus makes another bold move and joins Yuna inside the Chamber.

He is greeted by the small child that he saw in Zanarkand at the start of the game, as he is the Fayth that houses the power of Bahamut. However, after Yuna gains the power to use the summon, the group are captured and Tidus is thrown into Via Purifico as punishment. A punishment that isn't as effective as Seymour hoped, as Tidus manages to escape and slow down his plans. Tidus Yuna Kiss Spring

Tidus And Yuna Kiss

As the party escape from Bevelle, they rest the night in the Macalania Woods. Yuna decides she needs some time to be alone, but Tidus decides to join her. The result is probably the most memorable scene in Final Fantasy X as Tidus and Yuna kiss inside the spring.

Following these emotional scenes, Yuna informs Tidus that she is going to continue with her pilgrimage. Tidus reassures and says that he will go with her, unless he's fired of course.

The Truth Of Tidus' Existance

As the group approach Zanarkand, Tidus touches one of the Fayth and he passes out. He sees the Bevelle Fayth, who says "Welcome Home". He then informs Tidus that he is just a dream.

To preserve Zanarkand, the Fayth created a Zanarkand that never sleeps. They summoned an entire dream and Tidus was part of this dream. He also informs Tidus that if the Fayth's stop dreaming, everything they dream will cease to exist.

There Must Be Another Way!

Following the completion of the final Cloister of Trials in Zanarkand, the party meet with Yunalesca, who informs them that one of them must give their life to become the Final Aeon. Everyone offers their life apart from one; Tidus.

He refuses to accept that this is the only way, a decision with angers Yunalesca. Tidus proclaims that it's no longer his story, it is the story of both he and Yuna and together they defeat Yunalesca meaning that they now have no choice but to find another way to defeat Sin. Tidus Jecht Death

Defeating The Final Aeon

Using Tidus' plan, the group manage to infiltrate Sin while he is in a docile state. After defeating Seymour for the last time, only one thing stands between them and defeating Yu Yevon and putting an end to the cycle of suffering; Jecht.

Tidus' opinion has greatly changed based on what he now knows about his father, but he still holds an extremely strong contempt towards him. The two have a heart-felt reunion, but both of them know how it will end. Jecht transforms into the Final Aeon, but Tidus triumphs and Jecht is defeated.

In their final moments together Tidus cradles his father in his arms as he passes away and says "For the first time...I'm glad to have you as my father."

The Dream Is Over

Before the party square off against Yu Yevon, an emotional Tidus informs everyone that this will be the last time they fight side-by-side. After Yu Yevon is defeated, the Fayth's will stop dreaming and he will disappear.

As Tidus starts to disappear on the Airship following the fight, Tidus tells Yuna that he's sorry he couldn't show her Zanarkand. She runs towards him saying she loves him, but she runs through him.

Tidus wraps his arms around Yuna before jumping off the side of the Airship and on his way down, he sees Auron, Braska and finally Jecht, who gives him a high five.

Final Fantasy X-2


Voice Actor: James Arnold Taylor
Age: 19

Tidus is a main feature in the plot of Final Fantasy X-2, as Yuna receives a Sphere which she is sure shows Tidus. This leads her to believe he is still alive somewhere and she starts to search for him.

While the Sphere turns out to be Shuyin and not Tidus, the Fayth in the Farplane tell Yuna how she can be reunited with Tidus. If the game is completed entirely, the Fayth will revive Tidus offering an extra cutscene at the end of the game.

This gives weight to the Fayth's statement in Final Fantasy X when it is claimed that Tidus was more than just a dream. Yuna's love for Tidus strengthens throughout the game and it is this which enables him to be revived. Tidus states that as long as Yuna loves him, he will never disappear again.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: James Arnold Taylor
Age: N/A

Tidus has been summoned by Cosmos to try and put a stop to Chaos' evil plans. He appears opposite his father Jecht, who is the antagonist present from Final Fantasy X and was officially confirmed to be part of the cast on the 11th of June 2008 in a scan provided by Famitsu.

Tidus uses both his Brotherhood sword and a Blitzball in combat, while Caladbolg is also available when Tidus enters his EX-Mode.