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Final Fantasy X-2

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Kath Soucie
Age: N/A

Taro is one of the three members that make up the Kinderguardians; a group of Sphere Hunters which are lead by Pacce. Throughout much of the story, Taro takes a back seat in the affairs of the Kinderguardians and lets Pacce do the majority of the talking.

They first time they are encountered is during Chapter 1, when the Gullwings meet them in Zanarkand. Taro is hunting for the "prize", but all he and the other Kinderguardians get is some items, not the Sphere they'd hoped for.

Taro is last seen outside the Via Infinito. They were considering going inside to look for some Spheres, but after a bad experience they decided to stay outside and support the Gullwings where they can.