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Squall Leonhart

Squall Leonhart

Final Fantasy VIII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 17

As soon as the game starts, Squall is locked in combat with with Seifer. Unfortunately their "training" session doesn't end well for either of them and Squall ends up in the infirmary.

Quistis comes to visit and informs Squall that today is the big SeeD exam, but before they head off, they need to go to the Fire Cavern. Squall has never been before, but he has little trouble acquiring Ifrit as a Guardian Force.

Assault On Dollet - Worst Possible Company

In the lobby of Balamb Garden, Quistis announces the squads for the SeeD exam. Squall gets paired with both Zell and Seifer and instantly asks if he can swap teams. Unfortunately, this isn't possible and he has to live with it.

En route to Dollet, Xu informs them that their mission is to secure Central Square, which they manage to achieve with relative ease. Upon completion of their objective, they are to wait for further orders, something which bores Seifer.

Finally, A Gunblade Specialist

Although Seifer leads his team wildly away from their objectives, Squall still manages to pass the SeeD exam and Cid exclaims that he's glad they finally have a gunblade specialist as part of SeeD.

Squall reluctantly heads off to the celebration ball afterwards, but sticks to himself as much as possible. Unfortunately, one girl doesn't allow him to enjoy his self imposed seclusion and forces him to dance. Even this doesn't help to lift his mood though and after conversing with Quistis, Squall abruptly tells her that he's not interested in her problems. Squall Timber Train

First Assignment - Timber

The next day, Squall is given his first assignment as he is to travel to Timber with both Zell and Selphie. Their mission is to kidnap President Deling who is the President of Galbadia, a mission which will involve them hijacking a train. When the plan is executed they find out that Deling had anticipated the attack and sent a body double in his place.

Squall rushes to the aid of Quistis following her request on TV and when they get there they find that Seifer has Deling held hostage. However, when a strange woman appears, Seifer lets go of Deling and vanishes with her. With little else to go on, they decide to head for Galbadia Garden to regroup.

Mission To Assassinate The Sorceress

While Squall remains emotionless for entire trip to Galbadia, when he hears that Seifer has been executed, his outlook changes slightly. He realises that everyone is referring to Seifer in the past tense and this angers him because he doesn't want the same to happen to him. After a short outburst, he is told to go and collect his orders, which involve assassinating the Sorceress.

When the time comes, Edea pre-empts the sniper attack and deflects the bullet. This causes Plan B to start, as Squall directly assaults the Sorceress. Seifer tries to defend her, but Squall easily defeats him. However, Edea summons a chunk of ice and fires it at Squall – piercing his chest. Squall Tortured Desert Prison

The Desert Prison

When Squall awakens, he finds himself in a small cell. He is taken to a torture chamber, where Seifer tries to extract information about SeeD. However, there are no answers to his questions and Squall is tortured as a result.

Fortunately, Squall and his comrades manage to escape, but they're left with a dilemma. After Seifer's bold statement, it appears as though Edea plans to destroy Balamb Garden and they have two choices; warn the Garden, or stop the missiles.

Saving The Garden, In More Way Than One

Squall heads back to Balamb and successfully executes Cid's plan, causing the Garden to lift off and avoid the missiles just in time. However, that isn't the end of their problems as the Garden is on a collision course with Balamb. Squall manages to divert the Garden, but it ends up crashing into the sea.

Squall manages to have a short rest, but it doesn't last long as Norg has requested a meeting with him. Norg asks for a report on the Sorceress, which isn't a favourable one. To try and appease Edea, Norg says he's going to hand Squall and his comrades over, but after they fight, Norg is killed and Squall has a slight breakdown because he realises he is just a puppet.

Understanding These Dreams

Following these events, Squall attempts to talk to Cid. When he arrives, he finds Cid locked in conversation with three SeeDs from Galbadia, who mention the name Ellone, a name which Squall remembers from his dreams as Laguna. Squall manages to find her in the Garden Library and she explains that they are dreaming the past, but it's a past they can change.

Following this revelation, she admits that she is the one causing it to happen, but Squall doesn't want to get involved. He passes out due to the strain of this news, but he remembers that before he lost consciousness completely, Ellone informed him that he is her only hope. Squall Becomes Leader

The Oath

After witnessing the courage and leadership shown by Squall during their time in Fisherman's Horizon, Cid decides to announce to the Garden that Squall will be the leader in all of their future battles; a decision which doesn't exactly please Squall. He doesn't think he can deal with the responsibility and even considers quitting SeeD.

That evening he decides to go for a walk, but he is greeted by Zell, Rinoa and Quistis who take him to enjoy the concert that they've put on in Fisherman's Horizon. Rinoa takes Squall to a secluded spot and asks some pertinent questions, which uncover why Squall prefers to be in isolation. He had relied on people in the past, and when they were gone, he was left with nothing – he doesn't want that to happen again, so is protecting himself from the inevitable.

Rekindling The Past

The group head to Trabia to survey the damage and while there, Irvine suddenly remembers something about an orphanage. He isn't alone either, as Zell, Quistis and Selphie also remember, as well as Squall. As they all share brief memories, Squall suddenly joins the dots and realises that Ellone is the Sis he idolised at the orphanage. They also remember that Edea was the matron of the orphanage.

It is for this reason that they decide to go back to their orphanage, back to Edea's house, with the hope that they will find something which explains her sudden change of demeanor. However, it appears that she anticipated this move, as Galbadia Garden is waiting for them and combat is inevitable. Squall Fights Seifer

Taking Charge For The First Time

Squall realises that a battle is unavoidable and starts to prepare a battle plan for the conflict that is fast approaching. Just after he finished giving his pep-talk, Zell asks if he can borrow his ring.

They attack Galbadia Garden head on and they manage to infiltrate the opposition Garden where they square off against Seifer. After Seifer is defeated, they look to confront Edea. Unlike last time, Edea cannot match their power and is defeated, which causes some noxious gas to be released causing them to slightly lose consciousness.

Heading to Esthar

Following the battle with Edea, Rinoa is placed into a coma. Realising that Rinoa means a great deal to him, Squall is distraught and doesn't know what to do, but one thing leads to another and they end up in Esthar.

Upon arriving in Esthar, they are greeted by Dr. Odine, who says he'll let them see Ellone if they allow him to study Rinoa's condition. Squall agrees and goes to meet Ellone, but he finds out that she is actually in space aboard the Lunar Gate, where they also plan to send Rinoa for tests.

While they're aboard, Rinoa gets possessed and despite Squall's best attempts, she ejects herself out of the Lunar Gate inside a space suit. To avoid the Lunar Cry, they eject in an escape pod and shortly after the Lunar Gate is destroyed. Squall Rinoa Ragnarok

Squall Comes Out Of His Shell

After refusing to give up on Rinoa, Squall exits the escape pod and drifts around in space searching for Rinoa, who he eventually finds. They manage to seek refuge on a nearby ship (the Ragnarok) and after Squall opens up a bit, and Rinoa takes comfort in his arms until he forces her to sit back in her seat.

When they land back on Earth, Rinoa is taken away without any objections from herself or Squall, but when Squall tells the others what happened, Quistis is visibly upset that Squall would just let her go without any kind of resistance. Following this, Squall decides he will rescue her from the Sorceress Memorial.

Daring Attempt To Stop Ultimecia

Without really knowing what to do next, the group decide to head to Edea's house for advice. However, on the way they receive a communication from Esthar claiming that someone called Kiros wishes to speak to them about defeating Ultimecia. Squall hears the plan devised by Dr. Odine, meets Laguna, Ward and Kiros and accepts the mission.

They head to the Lunatic Pandora to execute the first step of their plan and are greeted by Fujin and Raijin, who are defeated multiple times. After they retreat, it is left to Seifer to try and ward them off, but as he fails too, he grabs Rinoa and takes her to Adel.

Adel is defeated and Ellone manages to execute the next step of the plan, causing all of the different realities to merge into one. After it is complete, they eventually arrive outside a castle where Squall finds lots of dead people, SeeDs from the future. Squall Rinoa Kiss

The Resolution Of Events

Ultimecia is waiting for them inside her castle and after a long grueling fight, she is mortally wounded. It is then that the world becomes white and Squall is all alone again. After running around, he appears at the orphanage in the past to see himself as a boy.

Ultimecia appears and Squall is shocked to see her still alive, but Edea willingly accepts Ultimecia's powers. She also seems shocked that he called her Matron. He explains that he is a SeeD from Balamb Garden, which was her idea; SeeDs are trained to defeat sorceresses.

After Time has reverted back to its original ways, Balamb Garden holds a celebratory ball in their honour. In the final scene, it appears as though Squall has finally let go of his inhibitions, as he is seen sharing a quiet moment with Rinoa out on the balcony.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Doug Erholtz
Age: N/A

Squall is on the Side of Good in Dissidia: Final Fantasy and he has been summoned by Cosmos to fight against the Side of Evil, which has been formed by Chaos. Squall appears opposite Ultimecia and before the announcement of Cloud Strife, he was seen squaring off against Sephiroth.

When Squall enters into his EX-Mode, he uses the Lionheart. Also, his EX-Mode appears to be quite interactive, as a Renzokuken type system appears to be in operation, just like in Final Fantasy VIII. He has also been shown in scans wearing his SeeD uniform.