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Sorceress Adel

Sorceress Adel

Final Fantasy VIII


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Prior to the events that take place in Final Fantasy VIII, Sorceress Adel was the ruler of Esthar. She was a horrible tyrant, and her citizens loathed her. However, that didn't stop her from craving more all the time. This eventually led her to start a war with Galbadia, which she thought would be an easy victory. She had however, masterminded a plan that would crush Galbadia. Enlisting the services of Dr. Odine, Adel constructed the Lunatic Pandora. This would enable her to summon the Lunar Cry on a specific location.

At the same time, Adel was also searching for a suitable successor that she could pass her powers on to. She started kidnapping young girls in the hopes of finding a good candidate, which lead to her kidnapping Ellone. She identified Ellone as the girl she wanted to succeed her, but she didn't bank on Laguna thwarting her plans. Laguna successfully rescued Ellone from Adel, but realised that she must be stopped.

Her Confidence Is Her Undoing

Adel goes to investigate a disturbance with the Lunatic Pandora, and enters what became known as the Sorceresses Memorial. She believes that Ellone is inside waiting for her, but in reality it's a trap masterminded by Laguna. It's likely that she knew of his plan, but was confident that she could overcome any obstacle. However, she is pushed into the cyro-containment device and placed in suspended animation.

Adel's statis unit is then placed in orbit around the moon, so that nobody can know of its location. However, her power is so immense that she still has the ability to emit radio waves, which are picked up by the Timber TV station.

Brief Return To Power

Using Rinoa as a pawn, Ultimecia is able to free Sorceress Adel from her shackles. Seifer than activates the Lunar Cry, which enables Adel to be brought back down to Earth. She attempted to recover inside the Lunatic Pandora, but couldn't recover quickly enough.

Squall and his friends arrive, and fight against Adel. However, she has Rinoa attached to her body and combat is made more tricky. Fortunately, Adel hadn't regained her full strength and was defeated. With no other options, Adel then transferred her powers to Rinoa and died.