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Minor Character

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Age: N/A

Sorbet is one of the moogle brothers and is a relation to Montblanc, Hurdy, Gurdy, Horne and Nono. He runs one of the many Moogling stations in Rabanstre. Unfortunately, he manages to lose a key that was entrusted to him. While eating an ice cream, he trips over and the key falls into the Garamsythe Waterway where it is eaten by the White Mousse.

Worried about what might happen if he doesn't get the key, Sorbet speaks to his brother, Montblanc, and organises a petition to hunt the monster. Vaan and the others accept his petition and slay the White Mousse. They manage to salvage the key and it's safely returned to Sorbet. However, instead of keeping it for himself, he actually gives the key to Vaan, thus giving them access to the other parts of the waterway. Sorbet makes another small appearence when the group defeat Yiazmat.#During Chapter 4, Hurdy mentions Sorbet in passing. He states that whenever Sorbet saves up enough gil, he always dissapears on a long trip. Sorbet also requests that Hurdy bring him something sweet when he returns.