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Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Skotch is one of Don Corneo's henchmen. He wears pretty bombastic clothing and is often tasked with doing Don Corneo's dirty work.
His involvement in Final Fantasy VII comes during the segment that features the Wall Market. After Cloud's cross-dressing has been perfected he and Aeris gain access to Don Corneo's Mansion. It is inside that they're instructed to go and wait for until Don Corneo is ready to see them.

This Way Ladies! ;)

When the time comes, Cloud, Aeris and Tifa are summoned to Don Corneo so he can choose his lady for the night. They look on while he picks his favourite as they know that they will have the pleasure of doing what they want to the ones he rejects.

The scenes that come next depend on who Don Corneo selects, but the most comical one comes if Cloud is not selected by Don Corneo. This results in Skotch getting a rather interesting surprise when he tries to have his way with him.

If this happens, Skotch will engage in combat, but is quite easily defeated.