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Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

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Shears is effectively 2nd in command of AVALANCHE underneath Elfe due to his physical presence. He excels in hand-to-hand combat and is in charge of AVALANCHE's operations and battle strategies.

At a young age, Shears' parents were killed at the hand of ShinRa, but it isn't mentioned how or where. It is for this reason that he harbours a huge grudge against ShinRa and is hell-bent on destroying them.


Shears managed to become the leader of a large rebel group who one day encountered Elfe and Fuhito. After an exchange of words, Shears' group attacked Elfe, but even with their superior numbers, they were still defeated by the AVALANCHE leader.

It was after this that Shears was invited to join AVALANCHE, which he accepted. During his time at AVALANCHE, Shears gained a very strong bond with Elfe, but his relationship with Fuhito went in the opposite way.

Elfe's Deterioration - Leaving AVALANCHE

As Elfe becomes weaker due to the Zirconiade Materia inside her, Shears becomes more and more disillusioned by Fuhito's unwillingness to help her. It is this drives him to leave AVALANCHE and search out other ways to help his leader.

He ends up joining forces with the Turks and together they try to find a way to save Elfe by searching out the Zirconiade support Materia. In the end, Shears end up sacrificing his life to save Elfe.