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Shalua Rui

Shalua Rui

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Shalua appears in Episode 21 of Before Crisis and she is searching for her sister - Shelke. Shelke had been taken by the Turks as the deemed her to be a worthy candidate for SOLDIER admission and Shalua made it her personal mission to track down her whereabouts and rescue her little sister.

With the hopes of gaining some leads, Shalua joins AVALANCHE, but finds that the organisation has deviated too far from its original objectives and decides to leave. However, it is at AVALANCHE that she incurs her first bout of serious injuries and it's a miracle that she survived.

Ironically, due to the actions of AVALANCHE, Shalua actually ends up helping the Turks for a brief period of time during the episode.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Kim Mai Guest
Age: N/A

Shalua's first appearance in Dirge of Cerberus happens when Vincent is investigating the apparent DeepGround activity in Edge. Shalua confronts Vincent, but when he notices her WRO badge she realises who he is and apologises. Shalua reveals that she is also investigating acitivity in Edge, but for a completely unrelated reason.

Following Vincent's confronation with Rosso, Shalua finds him unconscious on the floor and brings him back to the WRO Headquarters. It is here that she learns that Vincent holds the Chaos gene, meaning that he is the subject referenced in Lucrecia Crescent's reports. Shelke Threatens Shalua

Reunited With Her Sister

As DeepGround attack the WRO Headquarters, Shalua notices Shelke on one of the security camera feeds. After tracking her progress, Shalua finally confronts her little sister, but it doesn't go how she planned.

Shelke draws her weapons and states that she hoped she would be rescued, but nobody ever came - causing Shalua to break down into tears. Reeve explains that Shalua lost her arm, her eye and has had most of her internal organs reconstructed trying to rescue her, but Vincent eventually has to deal with Shelke, rendering her unconscious.

You've Never Beaten Me Before - You Won't Now

As Shelke leaves her regeneration tube, she comments that only a fool lets their enemy live. Shalue responds by stating that Shelke never won any of their fights when they were younger and she certainly won't win now if she tries anything.

Their brief conversation is cut short however, when DeepGround attack the WRO Headquarters a second time. Azul manages to escape and confronts Shalua, Shelke and Vincent. As they are trying to escape, Shalua risks her own life to save Shelke's and Azul puts her into a coma. Shalua Regeneration Tube

The Regeneration Tube

Shalua is placed inside a regeneration tube, but it is feared that she may never recover. In a brief out of body experience with Shelke, Shalua asks if it is ok for her to return to the planet, but Shelke forcefully says no.

Unfortunately, during the fight between WRO forces and DeepGround above Midgar, Shalua's regeneration tube falls out of the Shera and lands somewhere in Midgar. At the end of the game, the tube is shown with a crack on the glass, but it is unclear whether Shalua is still alive or not.