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Seto is the father of Red XIII (Nanaki) and protector of Cosmo Canyon. He appears in Final Fantasy VII when Red XIII ventures back to Cosmo Canyon. Red XIII had always believed that Seto was a coward and that he ran off leaving both his son and his partner to die and he hated his father for this.

When Bugenhagen learns that Red XIII feels this way about Seto, he leads him to the Gi Cave. It is here that Red XIII learns the truth about his father, which complete changes his entire perspective on life.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Red XIII discovers that Seto sacrificed his life to protect Cosmo Canyon from the Gi Tribe. After learning that the Gi were trying to flank the town through the Gi Cave, Seto rushed to block them off. To many though, this looked like he was fleeing from the battle.

Knowing that he was unlikely to emerge alive, Seto told Bugenhagen and his partner what he was going to do and they sealed him in, just in case he failed. He made them swear never to tell anyone the truth about his acts.

Seto was pierced by numerous poisonous arrows, but he continued to fight to protect his town even though he was slowly becoming petrified. Eventually he succumbed to the poison, but he had saved the town from the Gi.

Seto's body remained turned to stone, guarding the entrance to the Gi Cave and when Red XIII sees this, he acknowledges his father's courage in facing the Gi Tribe on his own. Red XIII howls to honour his father's memory and Seto's stone body starts to cry in the distance.

Seto's act of courage inspires Red XIII to join Cloud Strife in his quest.