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Selphie Tilmitt

Selphie Tilmitt

Final Fantasy VIII

Main Protagonist

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Selphie is a carefree young lady who is originally encountered during the mission in Dollet. She approaches Zell, Seifer and Squall outside the communications tower and informs them that she's been looking for them for a while. She has been sent as a messenger and has instructions for the leader. However, when Seifer decides to run off, she is forced to chase him.

When she eventually catches up with Seifer, she relays her orders. Everyone is to withdraw from the mission at 1900 hours, although Seifer has other plans. Upon returning to the Garden, Selphie is promoted to a SeeD alongside Squall, Zell and Nida.

Selphie's First Mission: Timber

Shortly after their initiation at the ball, Selphie, Zell and Squall are sent on a mission to Timber. On the way, the three of them mysteriously fall to sleep and they all recall a strange dream afterwards. Surprisingly, Selphie is the one who determines that it's not important and that the mission should be their top priority.

The mission doesn't pan out as planned, and the group end up in Galbadia, where Irvine is recruited. Shortly afterwards, Irvine tries his luck with Selphie. In her innocence, she is teased only too easily.

News About Trabia Garden

The group are imprisoned for their attempt on Sorceress Edea's life, but they manage to escape. However, Selphie discovers that Edea is planning to retaliate against Trabia and Balamb Garden. Selphie is distraught, as she had just transfered from Trabia.

Upon deciding their next course of action, they see a barrage of missiles go up, and Irvine gives Selphie the unfortunate news that Trabia was their first target. Because of this, Selphie informs Squall that she will personally lead the mission to the missile base.

Infiltrating The Missile Base

Selphie's team manage to grab some Galbadia uniforms and commandere a vehicle, enabling them to enter the missile base. After some covert action, they do manage to saboutage the missile base, but things don't necessarily go to plan. The missiles still launch and the base enters into a lock-down.

Fortunately they manage to survive by hiding inside a Galbadian robot, but after the explosion, the robot went on a rampage. It eventually surfaces in Fisherman's Horizon, where it is nullified by the other group. Although Selphie is happy that everyone survived, she is worried about all the work she'd done on the concert. Fortunately, Irvine manages to convince the technicians to fix up a stage, allowing her to hold her concert.

Visiting Trabia

After saving the Garden from the missile launch, the group are undecided about their next port of call. Selphie suggests that they visit Trabia so they can see what has happened. Upon arriving, Selphie requests that she can conduct her own investigation.

She returns later and exclaims that she wants revenge on the sorceress. While they're discussing how they can do this, they all suddenly realise that they all came from the same orphanage. They also realise that Ellone has been the one enducing their dream-like sequences.

The Happy Couple

Although Irvine's advances were initially ignored by Selphie, during the ending credits, she appears to be warming to his charms. She is seen wearing his cowboy hat, and scolding him for looking at other girls.