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Sapphire Weapon

Sapphire Weapon

Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

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Shortly after the Weapons awaken due to a plantery crisis. Sapphire Weapon attacks Junon harbour and is the first Weapon to be seen by civilization. After numerous hit and run attacks, we see yet another assault. Heidegger informs Rufus Shinra of its appearance, but this time, they had been expecting the assault. ShinRa use all their military firepower to try and deter Sapphire, but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

Sapphire appears to be aquatic by nature and its size is colossal. It is able to move with immense speed and when it finally arrives at Junon harbour, it dwarfs everything except the Sister Ray - Junon's huge cannon.

Ultimately though, Sapphire doesn't really do anything other than help Tifa escape. It uses a laser beam which it can shoot out of its mouth and makes a hole in Tifa's gas chamber, allowing her to escape. Shortly after Sapphire performs this attack, it gets its head blown off by the Sister Ray.

This signals the demise of Sapphire Weapon as it sinks to the ocean floor and explodes leaving a huge crater which can be observed by using the submarine.